ALL these from just ONE Ride !!!

Despite my protests to the powers that be, and post a Board meeting nothing has changed on the
ridiculous New 2009 Trials Rules. These were of course changed after my Classic Expert
Championship was taken away last year such that the problem could not occur again!

The NEW rules which are reproduced below from this years Handbook state that you can enter ALL the
classes you wish at any one event providing they take place on the same line.

13.3.e  A rider may only enter one class per day, with the following exception. A rider may enter
more than one class per day if:

1) the rider’s ability level is the same in each class;
2) the lines ridden are the same for both classes;
3) the rider declares the intention to enter multiple classes at registration and pays the fees for all
classes, and;
4) the sections and loops are ridden as if the rider was riding just one class.
At the completion of the event, the rider’s score will be applied to all classes entered.

Strangely you do NOT have to actually RIDE the event or even OWN a machine that is eligible for the
CLASS that you have entered! So here we have a situation whereby I can ride my Cub in Premier
Lightweight and enter ALL classes that EXPERTS ride on the 2 Line. Whatever score I return for my
three actual loops will then be used as my SCORE in ALL other CLASSES that I entered. Assuming I
had unlimited funds I could enter THREE CLASSES all riding the 2 line and if I emerged as the low
score it will then carry over into the others whereby my score on the Cub goes directly against those
riding big old Ariels, Velos and Aj’s. Hopefully I should be able to do better on the same section on the
190 lb superb handling Cub than on the 280 lb Bullet. I can imagine the annoyance of anyone riding a
TRUE Premier Heavyweight machine who now finds himself up against a more agile and lighter
machine purely because the owner has spent another $40 on an entry fee, and of course I can also
use the same score in Classic Expert providing I have entered that class as well.

We have already seen this “Joker Rule” used at Buckeye in the opening event and I, as Trialsmaster
had to award TWO First Places for a single ride. Clearly this rule is complete nonsense and has to go.
As the powers that be have chosen to ignore it at their meeting I TOO will use it at the next event just to
make the point. It is also true that any of the INT riders riding the PI line can do the same in their
respective THREE classes and cause complete mayhem in those divisions as well.

Winner of the Premier Lightweight, Premier Heavyweight and Classic Exp
all for ONE ride and THREE entries……… “Well Done !”

Who, I wonder, sat down and wrote that crap? …….. and some people wonder why Ahrma is getting a
bad name, well it is rules like this one, and I am now forced to agree with Alice Sexton as I have written
several e-mails to both Ahrma, the Off Road Director and members of the Trials Committee. I have
recently been told that these “Ahrma E-Mails” are not answered???? Well what is the point of
publishing them in the “Contact Us” section if nobody is going to have the courtesy to reply?

Very interesting !

…..and now, it has just come to my notice that this letter is out and about ? No mention at all on the
Ahrma website, or even a sniff of what is happening. Once again the Ahrma membership is being
treated as the “Mushroom”……. left in the dark and fed on ****! ……… perhaps they don’t check their
mail either……Ignorance is bliss.


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