With the Cub mainly away with Ray for Christmas I thought I might get Superglitz out and take in some
of Casey’s land. However just when everything looks good, some nice child, seems to have given me
a dibilitating cough to add to the season of goodwill!!!  As I get older this cold/cough thing seems to get worse, no doubt not helped by 60 odd years of smoking. Once again it has gone to the chest and I feel
like I’m running with a blocked air filter. Hard work breathing, sleeping is difficult with the coughing, and energy levels are at an all time low.

Feels like this…… stops me dead in my tracks

I remember getting this affliction back in AZ when I helped an individual who had collapsed on the bar
in a choking fit. About a week later I had the same bug and I honestly believe the little devil never left
despite trying to kill it with doses of anti biotics. This year it seems to have been with me on a semi permanent basis and is now both annoying and worrying. Almost feels like I’m drowning ?

Apart from the personal misery the weather suddenly changed with temps this last weekend not
reaching freezing, o’nights down to 4F, and a nice crisp 15 mph wind to go with it………. somewhat
drastic from our pleasant still days and blue skies with temps in the 50’s……….and of course if
Brenda doesn’t get her traditional dump of the white stuff there will be hell to pay……. thinking about
it we haven’t NOT had a White Christmas since we moved up here full time in 2008.

On the Mountain West ITSA front several members are out there prospecting land for the upcoming
season while we wait for the other Orgs to push out their schedule. I note that old friends, Ahrma,
have yet to come up with their Trials venues but as already can be seen once again nothing in CO,
UT, NM and from what we are hearing nothing at Diamond Don’s in 2013.  It maybe a misprint but
Chehalis doesn’t feature either ???
……..and that was always the biggest trials turn out of the year !!

Well it still continues bitterly cold but now the weather service says we have 3 storms heading our
way for this weekend with up to a foot of snow ? I see Ed, recovering from surgery, couldn’t resist
laying out a Christmas Section in his newly landscaped front yard.

Natural line up the steps

Bit of a jink through “Angels” to the exit

Turning back to the original topic of ‘thoughts” I need to address some driving issues with the
schoolbus. My current 150 mile daily run embraces 7 hours and just recently the bus that I was
driving went pear shaped and started coughing up oil, eng light on, etc, etc. Upshot of this is a new
engine required for my lunar shuttle which has just made 240,000 and the current even OLDER thing
that I’m driving is now on its way back to earth with over 309,000 on the clock. The Vintage Bus Class
is Airbrakes, manual door, 5 speed manual, floor dipswitch, and fuel solenoid cut off.

To add to the fun of Christmas those nice people at Social Security tell me  I earnt too much so I won’t
be paid in December!  Have a happy christmas and a tin of beans!!…….. currently looking for the FREE
lunch or food stamps ?

Happy Christmas Lunch, from Social security !!

Only 5 items on my “wish list” this year assuming I can ride Superglitz in 2013 ? A change to a new
Airoh helmet in yellow/black ? Yellow/black Pro grips ? Pro grip Yellow shirt ? and of course those Rockshocks for the Cub.

Following more thoughts, a bout of coughing and depression, Social Security now tell me they are
giving me back double as it appears Cozy Comfort made a tax loss! Well that made the day sweeter,
so I guess I will be cooking turkey after all.


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