Arrive back from Tucker’s at a reasonable time and leave all the unloading for Monday as I’m up again at 0430 for that School bus! Only 3 days this week as it’s Parent/Teachers Conference time so we have Thursday and Friday off.

Only another week and we will be on our way for some serious wine drinking in the Napa Valley. The Beemer gets to be the mode of transport once we get there and to that end got a new set of tires recently, and this week gets the NEW windshield as the 9 year old one has gone cloudy and needed replacing.


Windshield off, old cloudy one bottom left by the flowers


What a difference!

Also a NEW set of grips as the others had started to perish. All it needs now is a replacement chrome plastic right bumper trim which got broken when the bike fell over on the dreadful California roads while strapped in the trailer.


Old grips off showing the heaters


New grips on…… ready to ride

Something else that is “time expired” is the hydraulic center stand which is now low on fluid but not something that is dealer serviceable and a new unit is $1300 !! However some dedicated enthusiasts have rebuilt theirs so I may be going down that road in the near future.

Finally the rose bed surround has been weeded which was perhaps the most unpleasant bout of groveling on my hands and knees in the gravel.

The Cadillac goes in on Monday for the power steering leak and what I thought was just a leak from a pressure hose is the whole bloody unit and another $700 bill. So I take it in and 30 mins later the service manager tells me they have been sent the wrong part! We will try again on Thursday.

Thursday and the Cadi job gets done……. now its time to think Napa and loading.

Friday morning and post the bus run load water and check all other liquids. Diesel on, another 22 gals of LP which has gone down 70c a gallon for some reason? Now all hitched up to the trailer and ready to load the Beemer. 2 straps around the fork legs, 2 more around the rear footrest boards and yet another 2 below the rear luggage racks. Finish off with another 2 to stop the rear wheel moving laterally and hope that I can contain the “Houdini” BMW over those awful CA roads!

Big plans to finish loading after my afternoon bus run but I’m way too tired so it will have to wait until morning or I will forget what I’m doing.



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