Dry and VERY warm start to the working week so better make the most of it before the weather changes later in the week. Having a bit of trouble with the valve on the Roubaix back tire, sometimes flat and other days it stays up. Time to change it, but today pump it up and get out there for 25.66 with a ride up to the lakes and the extra 5 miles around the town.

Tuesday and supposed to be nasty but manage a good run out to the 8 mile marker before turning round and knocking up another 23.42 although I was not enjoying the headwind!!

Time to reflect on Thanksgiving for a moment and remember our poor religious pilgrims who were being persecuted back in their homeland and decided to sail the Atlantic against the prevailing winds. As we know the Mayflower and others had to get quite a few repairs done before their epic journey but eventually made it to Plymouth Rock having left Plymouth several months earlier.


Political cartoon for Los Angeles Sentinel

Despite landing in a bountiful area of marine life (lobsters!) our religious brethren were neither farmers nor fishermen …. in fact just believers. In the fall of the following year, with failing crops and ever diminishing supplies there was a bit of a breakthrough when someone discovered ears of corn in baskets buried in the sand ? Now of course it never occurs to our religious hardliners that this must belong to somebody …….   Nay, nay! a thousand times nay, this is Providence and provided by our good Lord ……. and look, … come those turkeys …….. providence again! (Nay, nay, dumb arse, the birds are here because they eat corn!!!) Providence ?? I don’t think so, this is THEFT!


Now, to add insult to injury,  you invite the indigenous people (who of course were the owners of the corn and turkeys) to your Harvest Supper. Well done to you! Many years later the Government moves Thanksgiving  to the backend of November …… and there you have it.


Meanwhile back in Dolores the weather continues in its general winter trend. Wednesday and the Grandfather presses on for another 12.64 before getting the bus going again on the last pre Thanksgiving early release. Time to stop and pick up the new tires for the MTB and the tube for the Roubaix.



Two new tires for the MTB


New tube for the Roubaix

Thursday and despite headwinds another 18.35 goes in the books and with more dogged persistence the Old Man with a bicycle born in August continues on Friday in even colder temps for another 12.39 to bring the total up to 3593.62 ……….  and then it snowed and temps shot down to 17F for the dawn.


Here we go again!


Currently around 32F but not too windy so time to crack the last few miles of the week before afternoon pool.

Only 8.47 on a very brief cold ride but the objective was achieved and the total is now 3602.09


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