Section 13, the NEW town bar     “The Riverside” ……work begins

With 7 weeks to go until the event things are shaping up nicely for the Escalante Two Day Trial here in Dolores, Aug 10/11. 15 of the desired 24 sections have been earmarked, of course they are still in the
“rough”,  and need the fine tuning of brush and branch removal but things are moving along. Would be
nice to have boundary tapes on the sections but that is a fruitless task as vandals and other wildlife
remove and undo all the good work along with our non stop June winds.

Across the road from the start at Cozy Comfort work on The Riverside continues a pace as it attempts
the transformation from shall we say a low grade restaurant selling poor pizzas into “THE” Town Bar to
replace the old Hollywood which was lost to arson last summer. Timing for completion is about three
weeks with a “test firing” mid July.

Progress, framing complete

Yesterday marked the end of week 4 of this year’s school summer break and progress on the ITSA
Escalante 2 Day Trial is coming on well but still requires a ton of work being all virgin land. The extra
land that Casey threw in the mix yesterday will offer up 2 more good spectator sections for the first day
within close walking distance from the 4th Street Bridge. Finally got to meet Sam, the owner of the
Vincent Restoration shop. He has a Honda Reflex, will he ride it ? Persusion and gentle nudging
required here !

Found a way in under the other road bridge to get into Lost Canyon Creek and the deep water pools
are drying up nicely. Overgrown, but I’ll be hacking my way through there next week. Further along an
easier trail has been found, not sure where it goes yet but might provide some worthwhile sections
and variety to add to the mix. Also found an unexpected guest in the riverbed, not a rattler, but a snake
so it will be trials boots from now on walking through there. Also earmarked an interesting section
around another ruin called “Bottle House”. We don’t get to go inside this one but nearly everybody gets
a place on the Podium as you will see later.

Home day today with lawn mowing and weeding as chores….. might get a spanner on the Cub ????
Tomorrow rough out the two new sections on Casey’s riverside property while Brenda is off at a
ladies lunch and if time permits lay out and clean Bottle House. Got a nasty under the eye swelling
thanks to a bit of broken twig that went in my eye. The little bit of offending wood came out overnight
but the body had already despatched water to the scene to sort out the problem.

The new bar got a lick of paint after the cladding went on and it looks like they have finished the roof.

Moving into week 5, time to concentrate on these sections with a hope of completing all the brush and
branch clearing such that they are ready for tape and cards by the begining of August. The plan of
getting the two new Day 1 spectator sections ready fell flat over the weekend with other tasks taking
priority. I would like to have ALL Day 1 sections ready at the end of this week.

Monday morning and a quick ride into Cortez for one hour of trivia but then time to start on the two new
spectator sections for Saturday. The first drops down to the river and took a good hour of sapling
removal and weed pulling to establish lines. Yes, it looks easy but the natural lie of the rocks will take
a few marks when you least expect it!  Mark my words. I anticipate many clean cards will be lost here
to rogue dabs.

Simple entry

3/4 to the left of the sapling, 1/2 towards the big rock

4 straight on, 1/2/3 hang right

4 through the natural gap, 1/2/3 around the “Cat’s Ear”, 1’s go 45 left and
over the jagged rock, 2/3 between the bigger rocks with 2’s over the last
big one………. hmmm?

3/4 up the hill to the left of my gloves, 2’s left of my new saw with the
green handle, 1’s to the right of the saw

 So that was Saturday 9 and I’m sure you will have some choice names for it after you have ridden it.
Short ride over to the back of the property line for the interesting, currently called and aptly named
“Up to my Arse in Grass”

I will be in there with the strimmer this morning to make a path.

The start of Saturday 10 with 1/2 up and over the big rock, 3 in the rubble,
4 has an easy meander

ALL ahead through the 3′ grass which will be gone today

4 goes off left 1/2/3 up the hill into left at crest

1/2/3 all back down minus the grass

1/2 back up here

1/2 round this tree and back down inside the last one

Into the ditch and up and out…. here endth Saturday 10


Yet another reminder, if you are coming make reservations as the Town
will be jam packed 970 882 2483 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 970 882 2483 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or downdiversified@aol. com

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