A quick return on Thursday night, post the High School bus run and I make it to the Riverfront for my 2nd attempt at the new 9 ball season. Make it with 5 minutes to spare and Brenda already has my first GT waiting.


The games begin and I’m up against Sydney who has already got a 1st and a 3rd place this season and clearly is going well. She breaks but gets nothing. I’m on and take the 1 ball to the top pocket and retreat the cue ball to center table for a “canon” type shot coming off the rail onto the blue and then onto the 9 ball …. it works and that’s game 1 for me.


Sometime later I meet the Club Pro, Jerry, in the last of the undefeated players bracket. Jerry is so good that he just pots the balls sequentially and makes it look very, very easy! …… ooops, the white goes in a pocket and I have “ball in hand” and a chance at the last 4 balls.

Further review shows I can line up behind the 5 and can take the 9 into the corner if I hit it perfectly. 1 more nano watt of power was required and although it was on track it stopped one revolution away from the hole …….****! He wins, and now I’m playing for third or better against upcoming Willie. He misses his shot on the 9 and leaves me a difficult cut to the corner, which  I make, but the cue ball trundles all the way down the table for the scratch in the end pocket. Finish in 3rd but at least I enjoyed it and I’m qualified for the final.

Friday and the weight is down to 206.2 from 219.8 so progress on that front and off I go for the daily cycle ride round the town. Well I pick my days and don’t like too much headwind and today with some what limited time available clock up 6.53 on the odometer. Total for this week 26.77 miles for the 4 days. So far the 2 week total is 50.58 miles and I’m convinced there is an improvement.

Saturday and Jerry is bringing some eggs round and passing on a few cuemanship tricks. So, some stuff to work on, but now its time for 8 ball again over at the Riverfront. Arrive in good order but doesn’t seem as many as usual and indeed the Mancos contingent are missing but we still chalk up 19 players by the 1400 cut off.


Not sure why but I feel I’m playing better, or maybe stroking the ball better, but whatever the reason I’m enjoying it and win 3 beating Brenda in the third round.

Lose my next one to Nick, who is currently playing very well. First on the black didn’t help as the shot was too risky! Play another 3 and now find my self playing Nick again for 3rd and better. GT is getting the “better” of me and despite a thrilling game Nick takes it and I’m in 3rd place for the second time this week.

So overall a few extra miles on the pedals, breathing capacity seems up, and two 3rd places in the Pool comps so I think we can call that PROGRESS!




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