Parts up the wazoo en-route

Not a great deal that can be done this weekend as I’m in the “parts waiting” phase again ! No matter
how you try and plan it the postal system will end up as a “weekend + 2days” affair and that part you
were so hoping for to arrive on Saturday won’t be here until next Tuesday…… as nothing, but nothing,
gets dlivered on Mondays……..and the most worrying of all is my engine is 3 days late at its destination
as I elected the cheaper option of parcel post and didn’t put a tracking label on it either….. what was I thinking ??

“Sent your engine parcel post without tracking ? ……… Good luck finding
that !”       ” Cheers”

The NEW Magical rear shocks seem unlikely to be here this weekend but maybe the fender brace will
make it. The NEW black handlebars and shifter are en-route as is the NEW Gas Gas front fender and

Things I can do for Friday/Saturday; …… and in no particular order, finish the NEW alloy oil pump plate.
Find that elusive black piece of rubber (ACE had some but in an awful primer brown color… YUK !)
and shape and rivet onto repainted lower rear fender and fit. Fit repolished Majesty chainguard. Refit repolished flywheel cover. Do the “Saw the Lady in Two” trick on the rear frame loop. Maybe fit the rear
fender, or not, depending on arrival of brace. Finish cleaning the back wheel, chain and other

The “sawing the lady in two trick” with the TY frame

“NO Shadetree ! the other way round !!” 

Keeping up on the ITSA front we now have our permit for Turkey Rock and my other task today is get
the permit app in for the Dolores Trial and Vintage Trials School for August. Further consultation with
maps and new ITSA West member Walt (who works for CDOT) shows the piece of land I thought
belonged to CDOT is actually Dolores Town property ! Stumped at the crease on this one As Tom the
man in charge is out of the office until Monday.

Found some rubber in the shape of body armor that came out of the BMW jacket. After several mental
fittings its cut out, drilled and rivetted with suitable cuts to let the pipe through. I think it will work but we
will have to wait until I mount the new exhaust.

The piece of scrap alloy eventually turned out well and is now in the polish phase before being fitted.
It may or may not get a Yam decal on it.

Skill set improving with Makita and file

First sanding

First dose of polish

A phone call makes my day and the barrel and head have made it to their destination despite the
“FRAGILE” stamping on the box which is apparently like a red flag to the bull, postal worker wise, and
arrived well abused. What a relief ! With any luck I might have it back by the end of the month.

Saturday then, some light assembly, before a day on the slopes tomorrow. With the new black bars
coming this will allow me to color co-ordinate the cables in bright yellow and be a good contrast to all
the other fittings.

I ran across a very interesting “object on ebay”, none other than a flat sided OKO carb ? I have always
used Mikuni VM 26 Carbs purchased from Bob Ginder at BJ Racing for all my Yamahas and I find
them easy to tune and have always worked well for me. On the Cub I’ve been using the Dellorto which
does seem to be an almost faultless carb and I was considering fitting one on SG as Majesty say its
a worthwhile mod, but in $ its about $245 plus shipping wheras the OKO is between $120-145 with
FREE shipping !

A great carb, the Dellorto but pricey at $245 +shipping

The flat slide OKO

Saturday morning and parts start going back on with the new oil pump cover, the lower rear mudguard
with its exhaust flap and the Majesty chain guard. Just a couple of other items I need to do but good to
see her taking shape.

Oil pump cover on but needs a fair bit of “elbow grease” and the autosol

Repainted lower mudguard in place with new exhaust rubber

Majesty chainguard completes the morning’s work


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