……. and here HE is !

With all the political turmoil and stupidity combined with pandemic misinformation from, guess who ? and pedaling around the  world like a maniac certain aspects of life have been getting away from me.

2412.05 was where I left it at close of play 7/19

So, decision made, get your arse in gear and get out there and get some of the tasks done! The game plan will be three days of gardening and other jobs that need to be taken care of and have become annoying as I keep saying I’ll do that and then get side tracked into something else.

Some time ago I noticed that the leveling jacks on the Safari were not down? Not sure why, but there again I can’t honestly remember putting them down either. Undo the lower bin and the light will not come on in the main control …….. well there is another on the driver’s console to make sure you don’t attempt to drive off with them still deployed …… that won’t come on either?  Check the main panel which tells me the batteries are all fully charged. Try the generator which starts first time ?    ….. Ignition, not a glimmer! Leave a few messages for Jack my long time friend who is the Cortez lead Bus mechanic ……. no answer. Hummmmm!

They won’t hold the charge

Last year the batteries were playing up so eventually after much testing they were all taken into Walmart, including a new one that was only 18 months old……… testing says 3 are dead and will be replaced under warranty but the last one was bowed indicating it was toast and didn’t even have a date stamp.

4 Newbies in the Cadi

Home then in August last year and replace ALL 4 and everything is good. Move the bus from front of house to a rear RV slot and due to all the Chemo of 2019 never get to take it out again.

This pair don’t have a Volt between them !

Armed with my trusty battery tester/ voltmeter and lo, and behold, both of the rear set are showing 0.4 volts whereas the front pair are on 13.45 …….. OK out with the low boys and off to Walmart for their testing. Both are BAD and are replaced free of charge. All refitted, lights on, jacks down, ignition lights on engine starts! Mission No 1 complete.

My new plants that took a lot of digging for the Potentillas and were causing me grief as they kept wilting in the fierce temps so some surgery was attempted by boring several holes in the root ball to let the water in rather than pool around the main plant …… seems to have done the trick and its called a “Malletpolectomy” for any further reference.

Place pole close to stem area and tap through root ball with Mallet

My other fine specimens that I bought a week ago are still in their pots waiting for vacant land to become available in the front bed which I’m diligently working on.

Waiting for vacant land

The Waterfall bed got another weeding and mucho dead heading of dianthus but I fear these cheapo walmarters are not much good! Still plenty to do in the water zone as pothangers have fallen off the cliff or been removed by cats various. Pumps need to be cleaned and a few extra rocks added.

A couple of mystery guests arrived, a fiddling gnome and an Easter Bunny ……. so far unable to find the benefactor.

Fiddler on the shipwreck

An Easter Bunny

A few injuries over the winter months as the motorcycle frog duo must have crashed breaking the riders left leg and King Midas had a great fall, but all the King’s men were able to glue him back together again.

A nasty dab on the top of the falls, and whoops, broken leg!

King Midas returns

With rain in the forecast every day for the next week hitting targets could be difficult but you have to try. So out again on Thursday and make 30.25 between showers and then on a very miserable looking Friday I managed to stay close to home and claw 23.50 miles for the morning session. Now some “demo” in the front bed and a lot of my ice plants get tossed out as the bind weed has taken over. Well the ground gets cleared and I’ll have to replant them next year when the nursery has them again.

Afternoon run, still dry, finishes on 34.40 leaving 23.30 for the 2500 total ……. but this morning (7/25) its very, very wet!

1030, just stopped raining, will have to wait and see if it dries up and then it will be a series of “piecemeal” rides in small numbers between the showers. Not yet, mid afternoon and some real hum-  dingers of very hard torrential showers so not much progress.

It never stopped and Plan “B” came into action with a full on clean of the workshop and a light dusting and cleaning of the trials bikes. Very happy to have got that out of the way but now I’m back on the quest for miles, about 150 in fact and 6 days to do it.

Sunday, a lot of overnight rain but hardly any wind and starting to warm up so time to get with it. 25.40 complete taking me through the 2500 banner so now I need 106.97 by the end of the month and I’ll be at the 14,000 mile marker in this epic journey.

2500 in the bag!

After Saturday night’s heavy rains the planned weeding didn’t happen as the ground was a little too wet.

Monday, slight change to the forecast with thunderstorms late in the afternoon so plan a longer single ride in the morning then an easy gardening afternoon. Ride goes well with 31.50, so nicely in the target range.

Start with some work on the rockery and get the pool pumps clean. Collect a few rocks from the building site pile to go around the new plants when I eventually get them in the ground. Mowing time and the weeds, can’t really call it a lawn, get mowed and then a final whip round with the strimmer to finish the day. …….. and then the storms arrive! torrential rain and high winds …. most impressive but I think it will be too wet again for weeding.

A bit of flash flooding in the garden as the ground couldn’t take it but I did move a few rocks around, so I’m getting there. Now need to trim back the Lavender Russian Vine which took off after two days of real rain.

Tuesday, late start but not supposed to rain today and I clock 27.60 for my afternoon efforts so closing in for the end of month numbers with 3 days left to go.








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