What a surprise ! The Tour de France is on! It certainly was a big shock to me as I thought all cycling competitions were off  due to the pandemic. Anyway I’m pleased to see it taking place despite Froome and Thomas missing due to lack of form.

My never ending “Tour de Dolores” continues even with the current strongish easterly winds we have had over the last couple of weeks.

Having watched Stage 1 in its entirety with multiple nervous crashes and rain causing some very treacherous downhills with disaster on some of the corners. It just reaffirms my opinion that cycle racing was not for me! However now its my time to get out there and add some more miles to the global total.

3200 in the global bag on 8/29/covid

Today’s effort was to complete my monthly target which I set at 3200 miles even with 9 gardening days which had to be done to allow me to ride without feeling guilty. The day finished on 3205.32 so my next target must be to equal the 2017 numbers of 3602.09 and then see if the weather will let me surpass the current all time high of 2018’s (monster by my standards) 4644.30    ….. well there is still September and October and maybe a few good days in Nov ?

8/30/covid and after a fairly exciting Stage 2 which was on for 5 hours I was fairly late getting out for my session. Out to the Bridge at the 6 mile point, turn round and back into town with a 2 mile double back to give me 15 miles passing the house. The last 2 miles were in stormy, very windy conditions, forcing me to whip my feet out of the cleats, as the wind was very strong and unpredictable!

Short break to let the storm pass and out for a few more to finish on 23.63 for the day.

….. and a few more

School bus just went by the house, running late, first day of school, but as I have said before I’m not in agreement with the safety rules and fully expect to see major problems within the next few weeks.

Last day of the month and a good run up to the lakes and back for a total of 25.62 to give the yearly a boost up to 3254.57 …..next step the 3602.09 sometime in September!





One thought on “QUELLE SURPRIZE ! LE TOUR ??”

  1. Tony,
    I do hope you’re ok. Some of us worry and think the worst when you haven’t posted anything in a few days. Even though I’m not much on all your Maalox Moment political posts, they do indicate that you are alive and kicking. I hope you’re well!

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