Eager readers are on the edge of their seats as they await news of our Harlequin duo who we have
been following for many years on our annual pilgrimage to Casper WY. No doubt many of you are
asking what befell them during the fire and more recently the big flood.

A bit like the mystery surrounding the Dolores bar fire last year just before Escalante Days when the
Hollywood burnt down. There has never been a full report although arson was suspected but not given
as the reason.

The end of the Hollywood

The same may be true for the Sheepherder’s Fire at Mosteller’s last year and some say Police are
still wanting to inverview Raeph who is a prime person of interest in their inquires. You may recall my
previous insights into the couples dislike of motorcycles disturbing their lovers secret meeting place.

Of course it could have been lightning or the careless cigarette which usually get blamed or perhaps
a genuine accident with the lover’s campfire getting out of control after another post apple picking
bodice ripping session up at the Fish Ponds. I shall miss the apple picking  this year as that was
always on the Saturday list of things to do.

More apple picking and bodice ripping at the Fish Ponds

We do have evidence from previous years of the lover’s intent when Raeph drove the wild horses into
the pits area on the Friday night and destroyed many of our hillside sections by eating all the blue tape
….. a dastardly thing to do !

” Raeph are you sure releasing the wild horses will destroy their sections
and keep those trials riders from coming back ?”

Under cover of darkness Raeph releases the horses into the pit area

As we know we DID get to ride after a small delay but our couple were not pleased and have been
hatching some wild schemes ever since. Priscilla it is said joined a coven in the Casper area and
became fully involved in Black Magic. Could all the incantations and “Hubble Bubble” have started the
fire ? and been the cause of the flood??? Other unconfirmed rumours are that Raeph joined Ahrma
under an assumed name and became a board member voting for NO MODERN TWINSHOCKS and
the reduction of the Casper event to just a 2 Day. This would surely be easy to apply the final screw as
there were no longer any vintage trials in Colorado and if he could convince the board Casper would
go as well as there wasn’t a MX track available.

On the night of the flood our couple get into an argument as it seems Priscilla has discovered some photographs of her witches initiation ceremony which she was unaware that Raeph had taken and
had kept

” Raeph…….what were you going to do with these pictures?”

…….and then it started raining………. and as arguments go there is always
the kiss and make up session


Raeph….. Raeph      ……… Priscilla …….. my darling………. Priscilla  etc, etc

When the rains stopped the lovers went to survey the damage.

“Raeph we may have gone too far this time. First the horses, then the fire,
and now this……… its just a sea of water and mud and you know what that means……. that wretched Tony Down will be bound to come as he loves
mud and he will bring all his ITSA friends” 

We may not be able hold them accountable for the flood but with the sizeable burn scar caused by the
fire there was little to hold back the devastation caused by mud, ash and water. However, our stalwart
team of Dan and Bob assure me the parking/pits area is fine and 17 of the sections are ready to go as
of 8/18 …… well done to you. Well looking at the pictures of the carnage you can only be horrified but
with all that rock and mud moved round there should be some new and interesting sections even if I
don’t get to test the bashplate mods on what was always my favorite section “The Waterfall”.

Locally the Cortez Journal photographer was too busy with other events of the day and by the time he
came to see us the storm had arrived and hi-tech cameras were put to bed. So no follow up report
this year but on a brighter note the Chamber of Commerce were round once more and awarded us
FIRST PLACE in a different category …… so a big thank you to everyone who made the effort to come
out and ride in the parade.

Must have been the Tee Shirts

Back in Casper as Dan and Bob put the finishing touches on the 3 Day Event more news as Raeph
and Priscilla have reportedly left the area, or for the time being anyway.

“Raeph we must leave, …….  and you must get a haircut,   and I have to go
shopping in New York as this really was my last bodice!”

Police are still anxious to interview the couple and eliminate them from their inquiries and have
issued a wanted poster with artist’s impression as to how they may look today


          PRISCILLA                                                                           RAEPH


1.  RUSTLING       Wild Horses circa 31 August 2008

2. SCRUMPING    Picking and stealing of apples



Hope to see you all there at what promises to be another great weekend ….. don’t miss it !


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