Even though its spring like with temps in the mid 60’s its time to remove the ashes from the grate and
get the Phoenix fire burning brightly once more, much to do and I need to get on. Delivery of parts has
been pretty good this week so no complaints there, now its the “fiddle factor” of making them fit.

Well lots to get on with and in no particular order here is a list of SG Honey do’s;  The labors of
Hercules are:

1. Fit new bars and grips

2. Alter Gas Gas front brace and fit mudguard

3. Cut off kickstand bracket

4. Fit new tensioner and chain.

5. Fit rear brace and mudguard

6. Redo electrics

7. Paint front number board

8. Fit new shifter + chop end

9. Heat shrink 2 throttle cables

10. Fit breather pipes

11. SSSS


So today’s battle plan is devised and hopefully I’ll kick off with painting the number board and then
removing the bar pad from the Pro Taper black handlebars, fit them and the hebo black/white grips
and move on to the frustrations of the Gas Gas front mudguard brace. Would be nice to wrap up the
front end and then cut off the sidestand bracket….. another 4 ozs saved!  Overall I’m hoping SGlitz
should scale in at under 200 lbs bearing in mind the original was around 215 lbs for the TY250A.

So why paint the number board I hear you say ? well it’s plastic has faded from virgin creamy white to
a dullish yellow/white, the previous stickers having been removed now reveal the true white. Nothing I
have tried gets it back to original, so black it will be.

All fingers and thumbs this morning! I hope this is not the way its going to be today…… if I could have
got it wrong then I can’t think what I missed. Carefully prepared paint tray with reynolds foil, then having shaken paint to its ready state poured in prepared tray. Roller loaded and with one swipe neatly cover
fingers and knuckles while holding number plate. Paint goes on and then having stood said board up
while attempting “touch up” Van Gogh knocks it over and then manages to flip it with wet painted
fingers! Double retouch and finally satisfactory so over to the sink for clean up. The tin is open so pour excess back in but while lifting tray the black roller touches the medium oak kitchen cabinet with
resultant screams. Pan back in sink and attempt to put top back on tin…….. but alas Van Gogh’s fingers
are still slippery and the lid falls wet side down on “her” new kitchen towel……… no wonder he went
quite mad lopping off part of an ear and then finally shooting himself. TASK 7 COMPLETE

Finally painted with a lot of frustrations

Thanks Vincent, you were about as much use as Shadetree !

Now in Task 2 with much filing in a limited working area to elongate mounting holes to fit the Gas
Gas brace on the TY Mono fork legs. It will fit I tell you !!  Lots of care and so far keeping the center line
of tread nicely positioned relative to the brace……. no screw ups. Just a fraction more to go and I’ll be
there. All lined up and new screws in place, job complete….looking gooooood !  TASK 2 COMPLETE

A good hour’s worth of gentle precision filing….. but worth it

Yes ! it fits

Task 2 done! and I have to say I like it

With the mudguard completed the next task will be No 3 and involve some intense Makita work and
try not to set fire to the workshop. First undo swinging arm bolt and lower footrest stud and move out
of the way and retighten. Now I can get at the “nasty” which has to go and the frame will be lightened
once more.


No stopping now, the Makita is switched back to full grinding/cutting mode and all hell breaks loose
as the demonic Shade applies the torture…… “How do you like this Joan ?”

“So Joan, any last thoughts about joining Ahrma for 2012 ?”

Heretic !

With TASK 3 COMPLETE time to move on and tackle labor No 4. Suitably greased pivot point, new
spring, and on goes the revamped chain tensioner with new block. Refreshed chain follows and all
is buttoned up before regreasing and lubing. The nice noise on rotation shows no tight spots so
clean off excess and move on to TASK 8.

Tensioner with the new block/guide goes on and the chain runs through


The new MSR shifter was clearly designed for the MX fleet and comes with an extended flip back toe
piece. They have, however, used a light alloy rod with graduations to “cut back” to your own desired
length. In its natural state it sticks out as far as the footpeg so two sections get the saw treatment
before fitting.  TASK 8 COMPLETE.

Two sections removed

Neat and functional

Back to the drawing board and a tidy up of the rear fender brace first cutting off all the rear light cable
retainers and then a bit of rust removal. This one can’t be done today so a little paint required before

Cleaned up and rear light tabs removed, but it needs some paint

Time for some serious hand washing before attempting TASK 1 the bars and grips saga. Bars fit
nicely having removed the cross brace rubber which I don’t like. Now with clean hands (all things are
relative) lets see if these grips are as difficult to fit as the dealer says. Well in all my years of fitting
grips these are without doubt the most difficult!! Finally with a lot of struggling they are on and
compliment the black bars and other livery to come. TASK NO 1 COMPLETE

Bars on, no problem, but boy these grips take some effort

Where we are at “close of play” Friday 3/16/12

 Time to call it a day, a little paint on that fender brace, dog walking etc, etc.  Fantastic news of the day
while pulling out some old newspapers for painting my treasured lost book “Six Days in May” appears
from nowhere. I had given this book up for lost as I could only imagine I must have lent it to someone
but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who.  The book is 25 years of the Scottish, 1970-1994 and
covers all my EIGHT rides in the event and also has the front signed by a lot of my riding companions
of the day, namely: Sammy Miller, Mick Andrews, Malcolm Rathmel, Martin Lampkin and others.

Unbelieveable joy finding my lost book

A lot of famous names and friends

….. and if you look very closely you will see my name in the Trophies
section winning the R.A. Castle Trophy and the start of my hat trick ! 

I’ll stoke up the fire again tomorrow


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