Time to get those “Beemers” and “Harley’s” out there!

With all this mountain driving over the past few weeks Brenda and I are now heavily into planning a
Motorcycle rally for real! yes, we are going to have our first own BMW bike fest in August  which leads
into the Dolores town’s Escalante Days. Later on, maybe in very early October I hope to have a 3 Day
Trials Camp if I can persuade the Town Manager to let me use some pretty neat land around the back
of the cemetery.

Back to the Rally then, no speed involved here….. Yeah, RIGHT ! This will be a 2 Day affair with Day 1
planned as something akin to the Amazing Race that is on TV. You know the one……… “Travel to
Mancos and find the Colorado state flower where you will receive your next clue.”  So day 1 will be
riding the Ouray loop counter or anti clockwise and then Day 2 will be the same loop the other way
round. Day 1 will also be the Poker Run so in addition to the route clues you get to draw a card at each
location you visit. There are a couple of “interesting” Road Blocks around the route and I’m sure there
will be some interesting pictures of them after the event. Of course I can’t publish any of the clues in
this article just in case any of you readers are Harley or Beemer people and fancy the event.

The Ouray Loop, with the $1,000,000 Hwy from Ouray to Silverton

Uphill out of Silverton

Ouray-Silverton, no guard rails, bit of a DROP, better get the corner apex
right !!!

Locally there is plenty of accommodation, namely our place Cozy Comfort for RV’s and bikes, plenty
of hot showers and tent camping on the front lawns in front of the shade garden which will also double
up as the bar with good beers from the Dolores River Brewery on tap and no doubt the fire pits going
full cry. Check out www.cozycomfortrvpark.com  and there are other motels in town as well for the biking
fraternity that rides but doesn’t camp.

Nice fast sweepers, Mancos-Dolores

So planned arrivals can crawl in on Wednesday 11th August and get the prime slots or even earlier if
you fancy some free riding. Thursday is the Poker run with Amazing Race clues and then Friday will be
the Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt for those who like brainteasers and then to get over the hangover
there is all the fun of the town’s Escalante days on Saturday with the parade, chain saw logging
competition and the fiercely fought ladies arm wrestling. A little later is the Duck race on the Dolores
river before the bands crack into action. Sunday you can slowly drift away at 35 mph under the ever
watchful eyes of our town Sheriffs.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and with the ski season fast coming to an end time to get up to Telluride
to make the most of it. They had enjoyed another 2′ earlier in the weekend so the slopes were in
unbelievable condition with new white virgin snow.

Another crap day in paradise !

Fresh snow everywhere

Half way down and getting thirsty

Time for a Bloody Mary at Telluride Beach

An outstanding day and with this new fall very hard to understand why they would close the operation
after next weekend?  The first 60 miles is of course part of the routing for the Treasure Hunt so another
bunch of clues were found while sailing down clear roads. Just the section from Telluride to Silverton to
gather clues for so a good excuse to get the Beemer out for a springtime ride in a few weeks time when
hopefully the sweepers will have been out and got rid of all the winter gravel and maybe the county road
workers will have filled in the frost damaged potholes.


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