Santa suffers a spot of bother during the storm


Always loved this card my son sent me ….. sums it up nicely!

Slightly warmer and coming back the other side of freezing for the next few days so work begins on rebuilding the Christmas display after the ravages of last weekend’s storm.


Scuffy and crew take a hit for the team


But the crew stay at their posts


Doorman Frosty took a beating too!

Another timer had to be bought and is now up and running. The boat and occupants got a “brushing” to remove the snow, and the ice over the hull was chipped away like Deadliest Catch! All members of the Santakins family are still moving and are back in situ.

Up the maple tree the Meteor lights clearly do NOT LIKE being blasted by rain and fierce winds and 4 sets of the 8 have given up the ghost.Two sets with bayonet connectors were saved but one is toast and the other I haven’t been able to reach as yet.

Poor Goofy got soaked by the rain on Friday night and then swept overboard by the gale force winds. His body is on the rocks which he is currently frozen to.


Once I get outside finished, downstairs needs it’s seasonal décor which I still haven’t got to. I did tart it up a bit last year with some super decorations from the 4 Seasons Nursery post Christmas sale where upmarket decorations are for sale with 75% off.

If I get all that done today, which will make me very happy, then I need to rewire some lights on our 2 balcony items of Reindeer and Angel which we first put up on Christmas 2005. The newer LEDs are SO much brighter I think it will be worth the effort.

Outside got finished!! Goofy had to be heat gunned off the rocks and is now in intensive care in the tumble dryer. He should be up and about in a day or two. Just a few ornaments to recover that are buried in the snow.


Goofy back on duty


Maple gets extra lights



Downstairs day today, hallway and the “Yoga room”…… shouldn’t take too long.





Now to transform the bleakness of the office hallway into yet more of Santa’s hideaways. Two garlands to go up, Bambi and Harley need that yuletide cheer and see what’s left over in the decoration boxes.



Harley joins in


Bambi always looks good ……… but this sometimes doesn’t go down well with overnight visitors!


A good day was had! Brenda got her work bonus that she thought was not coming, her hearing aids for the dreaded tinnitus have been approved, I got downstairs finished.

After Brenda’s vicious attack by the dog last summer one of Santa’s reindeer is on hand to deal with miscreants.

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