With a few days of spanner wrenching the dim ashes produced a little smoke from a remaining
glowing ember. The smoke soon turned to flame and now the keeness is back to an all comsuming

Today’s project is to get up into the bowels of the workshop loft and take inventory. Things were
dumped up there in no particular order of merit when the mad scramble of the move took place in fall
2008. It will be interesting to see what I “magpied” from the previous workshop and what if anything is
still worthwhile keeping or dumping on E-bay for some future project funding…….. “one man’s trash,
another man’s treasure”

Trash or Treasure ?

God knows how many sets of Yamaha TY 175 and 250 tripple trees or yokes I have, they seem to be everywhere, and at the back I can see a collection of frames and wheels. Can’t imagine why I kept
them all if I haven’t got the motors to go with them.

The lower workshop is now a complete tip as box after box gets emptied and its contents surveyed
and marvelled at. Currently sifting to see whats what and whether any of this stuff is saleable. Must
have 20 Yam brake plates to go with all the tripple trees, a few “A” model clutch covers and a couple
of semi finished or dismantled engines.

Anything worth keeping ?

Another day harvesting tomorrow and some intensive cleaning before entering the e-bay game again.
It never ceases to amaze me what will sell and the crazy prices some items fetch. Some good looking
bits off a MAR Ossa, forks, brake plate,  brake cable, bash plate, a few SWM Jumbo bits, aircleaner,
front fender, number board and an original set of Wassel Handlebars. Frames for TY 250A’s, TY175’s
a SWM 280, and a Montesa 242. A lot of “new” fenders I don’t remember buying, a big wide rear alloy,
set of generic reds in plastic, some whites and a TY 175/250 repo OEM style NEW !

Scruffy Fantic brake plate

An afternoon sifting, boxing and putting away but still a lot to do. Meanwhile the Fantic brake plate
takes a beating from the paint remover and is turned back to cast alloy.

Looking better !

More work with sanders and the rough cast is gone and then on with the Solvol. Dan Straka emailed
to ask what this Solvol stuff was? Well I’ve been using it since I was a kid and it used to be called
Solvol Autosol but the manufacturers have since dropped the Solvol. Sorry for any confusion. It’s bloody
good stuff and I call it  Solvol.

Now thats Solvol !

Met the machinist today and his work seemed a bit expensive to me but I might have to go down his
route if I can’t come up with anything else. Shadetree attempted to remove the bearing but so far
nothing! Shade is getting a little annoyed at being “stumped” with this one and is looking for some
divine guidance or a bigger hammer!

Having given up in disgust with the troublesome brg some good news from Jimmy as a wheel has
been found so things are all coming together nicely as long as I don’t break this alloy yoke in my new
found engineering enthusiasmn.

Shade, will not be denied this morning, and with a few strokes from the Makita, and a giant wellie
from the bigger hammer I have the worthless brg in my hand. Today we are off to Farmington for a
“RED LOBSTER” Christmas treat………. and there just so happens to be a couple of brg shops, ………

A win, win day

In the world of brgs it seems there is just about one for every size and application so after all my explanations micrometers are out, cup and shaft size measured and much consultation with books
and computer. One is eventually hunted down in Kentucky and is now on the road to me ……. should
be here in 4 days. Better get my bike back as things are progressing so quickly.

12th night arrives! ….. so a full day getting what took a week to put up down and into storage for next
year. Brenda completes upstairs and downstairs trees and associated bits and bobs while I undo
thousands of lights, moving deer, polar bears and reindeer. Finally with aching arms the last of the
herd are humped into the loft on their new bases, boxes stacked and its only 7 pm !

Today all the fun and games of e-bay, photographing and listing and then watching for bids or not,
and answering questions from those that can’t read ! Now this ebaying game can be good fun and
looking at the huge load of TY250A  crap that is currently on I’m amazed that any of it would sell. It
seems to me there are several breakers in Utah who just take these bikes to pieces and sell the
parts at ridiculous prices without ever cleaning anything!  For my part the morning was spent
cleaning, then the photo shoot, then all the photo resizing and finally the listings…… all complete by
7.30 pm and now I have 20 rods in the water waiting to see what I catch. This morning 3 bites so the
Ossa forks, bash plate, and axle have bids… yipee!

A good set of Betors off an Ossa

Task of the day is first have a look at an annoying new tube which keeps losing air?  Tube out and in
the huge laundry room sink……. no bubbles ?  I can only assume as I’ve had two of these NEW tubes
from the same batch that there was some swarf on the edge of the valve core and now after much
pumping that has gone and the valve is seating correctly. I’ll leave them for a few hours before

Flush with the over night success time to drag out the four frames and list them. Frames seldom sell
as it usually costs more to ship them than they sell for, but hope springs eternal, nothing ventured,
nothing gained. Also have more workshop stands than I know what to do with so I’ll put a couple of
those on as well.

SWM 320

Montesa 242

Time for a couple of high dollar items, first the hi-tech Enfield wheel I bought a few years back and
never used as it was the same weight as the full width original ! Second on the block a set of brand
NEW 32 mm Cerianis that cost an arm and a leg and then I had the stem machined to fit the Tiger
Cub and an axle made to take a Yam front wheel. While that work was being done I fitted the BSA
B50 forks and have been more than happy with the set up.

Nice NEW wheel for something ?

The NEW Cerianis + bits

The fishing continued and within minutes of listing these forks the number changes to GREEN ! and
someone has bitten immediately at the $249.99 starting price !!! This should be good, as one day on
there are a LOT of watchers so we might end up with a price war next Saturday !! …… and just to prove
me wrong an email from the UK asking how much to ship a TY175 frame ???? Probably $100 to ship
and $25 for the frame…. we will see.


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