With a good ride yesterday and a zero card I was all set for a repeat outing  and another fun day’s riding ……… however, as the alcoholic mist dissipates another mist is hanging in the air and its raining, been raining, and going to rain some more, and a lot more!

So here we are in the start area and the only way out is back uphill in the sand. How will this sand behave?  Better ask the locals ….. answers range from “No problem” to “need to wait until it dries out” and now I’m seeing several people loading bikes and getting ready to go. Decision is to leave as the last thing I want is to be stuck with 20 tons of RV in a gooey sand pit.

Of course as an Englishman trials riding in the wet is pretty normal and on a personal front the worse the conditions the better my results have always been but today common sense says get the hell out of Dodge or San Ysidro!

All packed up, the route out walked, time to get moving before others try and fail blocking us all in. Easy with a 4 x 4 and lightweight trailer but a 40′ RV and trailer is a different matter. Being first out the wet grass binds with the sand and we have forward and upward movement for the hill which I’m sure will get quite nasty. Over the summit and all is well. It rains ALL THE WAY HOME !!

Interestingly as we pass through some of the New Mexico oilfield areas there are all the oil and gas tankers with CHAINS fitted so I’m fairly pleased we made the right decision.

No events in May and I’ll be missing the next rounds as Brenda will be away on her annual family visit back east while I’m weeding post school finishing. Next event will be the end of June and my personal favorite at Casper.

Home again and time to review what  “No Excuses” needs to make me happy. Clearly the knocking tappet noise has to go and trolling through Ebay , lo, here is a set of double thickness gaskets specially for the finned rocker covers!!! This then is not an uncommon fault so a pair are duly ordered and arrive from the UK yesterday.


Double thickness gasket for finned covers


The other fault which was bugging me was a design problem on the fuel tank where we fitted a crossflow system as the tank was so narrow.  With the bungs fitted I proved the flow can be achieved by “splash” so the tank was taken to my local excellent alloy welder and he removed the system and welded the holes for the princely sum of $25.00



Not quite enough room


Crossfeeds removed











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