Back from the early release afternoon run and there is a “tank” parked in the driveway signalling the
arrival of Ray after his long drive from California. Yes, he has borrowed the Volvo estate, the all singing
all dancing European geriatricmobile. As I’ve said before similar to the American Buick or British

The cavenous hearse Volvo estate

Now of course the Volvo I was expecting was the old style with cavenous rear cargo area akin to a
hearse, but these new ones are much lower and sleeker and the cargo area is becoming a letter box
instead of the entire Post Office of yesteryear ! This should be interesting seeing if a Gun Carriage
Enfield will fit into a Swedish Volvo Tank ?

The new Volvo, sleek, low, and where did all the cargo area go ?

This will be fun getting the gun carriage in here !!!

Will it go in ???

For today a small test ride then off to Dolores River Brewery and a bite to eat and we will worry about
loading tomorrow after my morning run. Roll her out, find a compression stroke, light the blue touch
paper and “gerduggerdy dug” the 53 year old chugs into life. A few turns this way and that, a mini touch
of minor rough on the neighbouring retention basin and the RE goes into its last night storage in CO
before leaving for the sunshine of California.

The Volvo lowline, slim fit, minimal cargo space, estate is backed up to the workshop and unlike its
predecessors where the bike could have been ridden in, is now measured to see what needs to be
taken off before trying to post it through the “letter box” cargo door !!

….. as an aside here this reminded me of the 1962 Bernard Cribbin’s hit
song “Right Said Fred” ……. if you are planning on singing along its done
in a Cockney accent

“Right,” said Fred, “Both of us together
One each end and steady as we go.”
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

“Right,” said Fred, “Give a shout for Charlie.”
Up comes Charlie from the floor below.
After strainin’, heavin’ and complainin’
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he thought we ought to take off all the handles
And the things wot held the candles.
But it did no good, well I never thought it would

“All right,” said Fred, “Have to take the feet off
To get them feet off wouldn’t take a mo.”
Took its feet off, even took the seat off
Should have got us somewhere but no!
So Fred said, “Let’s have another cuppa tea.”
And we said, “right-o.”

“Right,” said Fred, “Have to take the door off
Need more space to shift the so-and-so.”
[ From: www.elyrics.net ]

Had bad twinges taking off the hinges
And it got us nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

“Right,” said Fred, “Have to take the wall down,
That there wall is gonna have to go.”
Took the wall down, even with it all down
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he said, “Look, Fred,
I get a sort of feelin’
If we remove the ceiling
With a rope or two we could drop the blighter through.”

“All right,” said Fred, climbing up a ladder
With his crowbar gave a mighty blow.
Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble landed on the top of his dome.
So Charlie and me had another cuppa tea
And then we went home.

(I said to Charlie, “We’ll just have to leave it
Standing on the landing, that’s all
You see the trouble with Fred is, he’s too hasty
You’ll never get nowhere if you’re too hasty.”)
Lyrics from <a href=”http://www.elyrics.net”>eLyrics.net</a>

Lets see how we get on …… it’s going to be a tight fit, thats for sure !

“Right said Ray  ……. gotta take the wheels off…….”

“better take the bars off ……….”                  (Enfield Cafe Racer)

“………. and the things wot held the cables……..”

good luck with the head lining !!!

Now go to U tube, skip the nonsense ad, and see the full video with original lyrics.

Right Said Fred

……… and on that happy note, with contributions from Swedish Volvo driver’s worldwide, and Enfield
enthusiasts the Bullet makes its way to its new home in CA.


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