24th May, first day after school has finished, and I’m out on for my afternoon ride. There is no end of wailing sirens coming from behind me as I’m between 2 and 3 miles out of town. Ambulances, fire engines, heavy rescue equipment, police and highway patrol all going northbound on the 145. Constantly stopping as they roar by I’m thinking there must be a mega accident up the road and of course it was only two days ago when I was on an activity trip to Ouray when there had been about 6″ of fresh snow up ahead covering all the trees and their leaves making everything look like a weeping willow. On the way home it had all melted but I did think conditions were ripe for a mud slide as there were several loose boulders on the verge.

Later reports show there had indeed been a MEGA rock slide completely destroying the road and cutting an eight foot trench

First picture

Two of these mega boulders weighing about 1150 tons apiece and the size of a two story house had broken away from the top of the ridge and carved their paths of destruction all the way down to the road and beyond.

Next reports say they will bust one of the rocks which will involve a lot of drilling and then loading with that expansive jelly which will crack the rock ???? The other rock may well be left where it is.

More pictures showing the devastation come in courtesy of a drone that did a fly by showing the magnitude of the event and the wonder that nobody or any vehicles were involved.

All this is just past my normal turn round point and is between 10-11 miles from the house.

Eventually they say they have one lane passable as work continues and more pictures come in showing the size of these rocks.

Still a lot of rock

Where they came from


I really must get up there this week and have a look for myself. They also say the river is flooding up there as the monster snow pack is melting.

Still a lot going on in the garden.  So I’ll be working overtime on that for a few more days. I’ll take a ride down to the river, which was really flowing yesterday, with a lot of tree debris which will all wash up as the water eventually recedes, but right now its all headed to the lake, which I won’t be going on this year. No matter, there are plenty of places for me to fish.

I guess this is the one they are not moving

It’s a big un!

Still haven’t made it up there, Friday looks like a good day

Meanwhile with the slightly better weather and my first full night’s sleep without having to get up numerous times some morning riding has been achieved and I’m through that 700 barrier!

D-Day, 6/6/19 and for me a trip to the hospital to check out this “supposed” heart murmur?  I’m duly plugged in and watch the screen as the tech completes all his tricks to find same. 30 mins later nothing found. Guess I might make it to Christmas.

A mega gas day and near sleepless night again……. I really need this issue sorted out and the quicker the better. Time to try the opposite of the problem with some gas pills and a laxative (first time ever) so better stay on a short tether close to the house!!!

Friday, windy of course, no riding, but I do get to start on the pond beds. The order here will be, weeding, grass removal, edge cutting, and then the precision cut along the new edge.

Some serious weeding here!

A lot of grass and that “arsebine” !

By Sunday I’ve completed all the main tasks and the pools have been drained and are now ready for cleaning and refilling. The current medical concerns are NO better but today 6/10/19 I’m at the hospital for a consultation and the unpleasant procedure is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Better get on with my last few tasks.  Must say I have some trepidation about the hospital as someone we knew went in there for an operation on her foot and did NOT survive!!

Well I completed everything on the Waterfall Bed and its all up and running again so lets see how it looks.

Water Lilies still alive

ponds drained and ready for cleaning

Weeding complete

Edges cut

Ponds full

All running

Perhaps I do have some uses after all.





















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