A chemo thought for the week

With the Safari repairs all done and all the overhanging branches around the RV park cut down and trimmed I can at last devote more time to pleasure pursuits on the Rockery.

This week is a 2.5 driving day week as its Chemo Session Four and there is no way to drive with the bag and pump on Thursday and Friday.

“Lancaster House” in Andover

Daughter Sally sent some “memory pics” of the old house in UK and it was nice to see the new owners had not removed the sign I made, but they could have polished it.

Hand carved in the wood and a brass Lancaster cut out of a sheet of same  ….. some of my finest work.

Monday annoying small cold, the joys of being with small children, but not really a problem. An hour of weeding but the temp is about 90F so too hot to do much, but every little bit helps.

Wednesday morning and the morning drive is completed and I’m home and ready for the Durango run for another delicious round of Chemo! This one is Round 4 of the planned 8 so hoping for the best in terms of side effects. The bags keep dripping and no need to worry about dehydration as I’m rapidly overflowing with all the drips coming aboard. Seem to be peeing like a racehorse with 4 drips going in. They have to be individually blended as one works with saline and the other with some sugar mix.

It just keeps coming!

Thursday morning, reasonable night’s sleep and not feeling any of the chemo side effects so far…….. not even sleepy? Might actually get something done today if I can get past this annoying bag thing. Only side effects today are tingling lips and finger tips if you drink or touch anything cold. Can’t keep the chemo bag on my shoulder so I’ll watch some worthless TV.

There will be only ONE Winner here!

I feel a need for more of this!












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