Since Escalante Days the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and a real delight to be outside. With all my repainted frogs and gnomes, not forgetting the new ones, plus my craft fair purchases, Sunday became Day 1 of the layout.

Travelocity and friends

Of course these things take time and plans tend to get a bit more ambitious as the mind sees all the possibilities.

The “Mary Rose” is full of wasp’s nests!

Came very close to being stung

The week kicks off with a rather dull presentation at the High School which perhaps is one of the worst I have seen! Projected back light with a single bulb, softly spoken teachers and no microphone and very dry boring material.

School bus driving begins on Tuesday and as this is a “non chemo” week I can drive which is something to look forward to and enjoy.

Need to redesign the top of the waterfalls that took a battering when the sign blew down in the gale. I feel the need for a higher volume of water coming over the top and I do have some nice sandstone flats that have been water carved over the years and should give some classic pool to pool natural drops.

Just the right shape for “flow” on these sandstone pieces

Some rebuilding required

Not forgetting those lost in the sign “deadfall”

I do have an extra pump but I think a bigger one with more flow and outlets is where I’m heading but before that I need to see how I can route it to achieve the desired effect.

A bit more on the layout with some of the birthday frog and turtle team on the backside of the rockery

Meanwhile the lovers are enjoying the sunshine below the Hilary Step and should see the more refreshing waters in the near future.

Ideal for sunning and topping off the green tan

The “Guide” shows how to get to the summit

Frog, Salamander and birthday Turtle

The week comes to an end, delightful weather, and 2 trips a day on the School Bus to get back in the swing with a record number of 48 kids going home Thursday night!

Friday and time to deal with the bus battery problem!!! yes, Safari batteries won’t hold the charge so its disconnect everything, taking a drawing of where all the wires go, ……… into Walmart and get them checked ……. 3 other batteries ahead of mine (4) and each one takes 1-2 hours to check!!!

Ok everybody, its off to Walmart for you 4 !

Saturday, back to Walmart, NO! they are all toast including the new one that was fitted last year. Well they replace that one free of charge (pun) so now I have 4 new ones all with a 2 year warranty!

Well hello, 4 new batteries

Back home and try to decipher my diagram of the wiring. Trays cleaned of dirt, mud, and rust. Push/pull greased and functional so time to be bold and fit set No 1. All in, so far so good, and only one wiring repair to some miscellaneous earth wire?

Hope I have this correct

1st set in place ….. stay lucky!

Second pair go in and cables arranged in what I hope is the correct sequence. ……. the acid test! Yes, FULLY CHARGED and with one turn of the key the massive CAT engine bursts into life!! YIPEEEE!

Now down to Dolores River RV Park and get 12gallons of LP gas to see if the generator will fire up. Yes, fully working GENERATOR!! This really is turning out to be a GOOD DAY……… now try and start the Fridge which switched over to Electric when the LP ran out and dragged the batteries down. Holy Moly, it STARTS!!!!

OK, you deserve this ONE!

More on the Rockery …. soon I promise.










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