MOAB 2006
Up to Colorado for the weekend and leave Brenda and dogs in Dolores while I sail off to Jim
Lipscomb’s event just north of Moab. Some problems with land but resourceful Jim has found a rock
pile right beside the main road. I am surprised the Police are not there but what the hell let’s go for it.
 Well these sections are not easy and I waste a lot of time looking at them while previous day’s
hangover takes time to abate. I start at 4 which several people are having problems with but
manage to clean it with lots of work. 5 has more problems with the exit but I try a different line
and escape with a dab. Clean 6 with a different line thanks to one of the girl checkers giving some
good advice. A dumb dab on 7 and then over to 8 which is another Lipscomb tight turn affair and I
don’t like it and lose 5 more. Eventually find No1 and ride well for a 2. No 2 is causing problems but
I get to grips with it and don’t panic for a nice clean. No 3 looks harder than it really is so clean here
for a first loop score of 9.The second loop is much better and continuing from 4 again I clean 4,5,6 and seven and improve
on 8 with a three. A great clean on 1 and cleans again on 2 and 3. Thisgives me a 2 round score
of 12. Dan Straka is already on 18 but is riding well everywhere I see him.

 Let’s plan this last loop before we blow it!  Section 4 clean again and catch up with Dan on No5.
He takes a very different line and makes it look easy for a super clean. I try the same but lose a
silly dab. Clean 6 and 7 again and nearly get a 2 on 8 but settle for the working mans 3! Back to
No1 and get in all kinds of trouble but survive for a single dab. Get the proverbial back together for
two good cleans on the remaining sections for a total of 17. Don’t know where Dan is losing his
points but he finished back on 25 with the rest of the class nowhere to be seen.A great trial, in some unusual surroundings and a wonderful AHRMA season to remember. Must
join the Rocky Mountain Region next year.

TONY DOWN without the aid of Brenda and Camera

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