Just when I thought it was safe to go fishing again and with all current projects completed a new one
appears with the time frame of … must be complete before 2nd of August!

Her Ladyship desires a fountain in her shade garden to match the rustic stockade raised bed. Initially
a hole was to be drilled all the way through a 2′ long log???????……. then having pumped the water up
there from a left over pool pump it is somehow magically to descend making suitable splashing and
gurgling noises on its way back to the retaining pond.

Rodin sits pensively in the shade garden and ponders how this will be possible? Many beers later a
plan is devised which may be a little ambitious but time to give it a go.

How the hell am I going to build this?

The game begins placing three large logs upright and drawing some retention areas in the tops of
same and then cutting exit paths for the water. A suitable large retaining horse feeder is acquired as
the main pond and after hacking through some more tree roots I have a level base for the unit in an
area that pleases the eye. Using the wood chisels and a mallet, last used in 1993 in Saudi carving a
huge sign for the ladies craft shop, work begins and by nightfall I’m surrounded by wood chips. Enough
is enough and so the next day dawns with the final carving and honing of the retention pools in the logs
….. I’m now covered in sawdust from all the high speed sanding but at this stage it looks like it will work
as long as I fill all the minor cracks in the wood with some clear silicone. Needless to say all my clear
silicone has gone so off for another tube and the job looks like it will work as its aquarium silicone so
it should do the waterproofing.

Covered in sawdust, smoothing the retention basins in the logs

Now for a test firing and after rediscovering Archimedes principle I now remember I can only submerge
logs in water so far or they will pop up, thanks Arch! With some water pumped out and the upright logs
positioned time to see where the water will go. Well it goes where I want it but not effectively enough so
build a few test chutes out of Renolds tin foil and that gets the effect I’m looking for but now I need to
change the chute material to bamboo. Bamboo used to be a fairly common cheap wood when I was a
lad but now it seems to be as rare as RHS! Eventually I end up buying a Tikki Lamp as it has the right
sized bamboo handle so I’ll remove a few inches and cut and shape them to fit.

Phase 1 of the design with metal foil chutes

As yesterday was “pool & party” day and we were on a roll playing 14 games for the loss of only 3, the
party continued long into the evening where much ale was consumed and today has been somewhat
of a wooly day with zero interest for hand crafting anything other than a cup of coffee.

Another day and it all comes together and I can establish some levels and set the spouts in the logs.
Very quickly the project takes shape and the another “test firing” is done with acceptable splashing
and gurgling noises. The pump pipe is positioned and screwed into place along with a large wooden
backing plate to stop the thing moving around.

Phase 2 with the Bamboo chutes, and all level!

3 wheelbarrows of rocks later and several beers, well is was pretty hot today, and with washed rocks
the final decorative building can be done finishing off with some nice smooth flat river rocks as the
edging for the pool. Well you either like pools and fountains or you don’t but what started as a daunting
project went together pretty well in my opinion, and once again it has won prizes!

Rocks in place, almost there!

It needs a few extra touches……. coming soon


Finally just those important finishing details, so with Brenda’s extra “freebie plants” from our local
nursery a few extras to grace the new addition ……. and there are still some left over Frogs from our
old Arizona pool complex so maybe they will make an appearance over the next few days.

Some extra plants, rocks and the duty frogs

The beauty of running water, even if you can’t hear the gurgling and


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