The clock turns, we roll into May but the weather which had been nice up until Sunday, also decides to change with temps dropping 20F and more stuff dropping in the form of snow and rain!

I remember these and getting all tangled up

Sunday was designated a “rest day” and a Shade Garden Day with many Bloody Mary’s as the first 1500 was in the books. Monday and Tuesday I managed to drag the total up ┬áto 1541.26 but the bad weather was already upon us and the last ride was verging on insanity! Wednesday and Thursday saw a series of very nasty storms rolling through with every form of precipitation you can think of. Add the standard bitter wind and temps down at freezing and you have the big picture.

Friday an improvement and 22.52 joins the total and another 23.44 on Saturday is as much as I can manage pre-pool. Sunday and with a very pleasant morning shorts and short sleeve cycling garb is on for the first time in 2018 as the total crests 1611.50 for the year.

The NEW Infinity saddle arrives on Monday, but as yet has not been fitted. Two more good rides in the warm 70f conditions and I must watch the “U-Tube” fitting sequence before giving it a try.

Wednesday, garden work to start, clean up the under balcony wood pile, restack, sweep and clean and then bring out the two lawn swings and rebuild.

The seat goes on, a few adjustments, and a couple of mini test rides. Now I’m out of time as its early release so try again tomorrow.

40+ miles go in the book for Thursday and Friday, and despite some very high winds and red flag warnings I’m through 1700 and hoping to crack 2000 before the end of May. Still trying minor adjustments on the seat with fore and aft changes and so far coming up half an inch at the seat post. Current thoughts are back a little more and up a little more.

Saturday and although warm in the 70’s that awful wind is gusting 45-50 mph and doesn’t sound like my kind of cycling weather so I might be lawn mowing instead!

Lawn done, some branches removed from slot 4 in the park and time for a few more adjustments ……… seems I need to go back to the base point and try again. I have now come up an inch but I think I’m too far back …… start again, and maybe drop the nose a little ?


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