Wednesday 7/3/19 and off to the hospital to be dismantled so that the drains don’t get blocked up.

Hideous garment

Into the hospital gown (what a ghastly item!) and lay around as more and more needles and IV drips are made ready. Eventually I’m carted off and its into surgery with a vague idea of what’s coming. A solid, deep, anesthetic  and then the micro holes for disconnecting our old friend  “mien arseholen”. First in with the cameras and tools and then pumped up like the Michelin Man.

The before and after, yes it is like that

With stomach walls blown up and clear of intestines surgeons can start cutting and making the “stomas”   ……..these it transpires are anything but pretty!! The prime one will be for the main exit to the bag which I will be wearing up to around Christmas and then if the rest of the treatment is successful it can all be reconnected.

Don’t ask

Some time later the brain tells me I’m in a Bavarian forest and up ahead I can see some blue light through the trees but its blurry and there could be animals or people …… can’t be sure…….. stumble on,

light increases, …….. yes, people! Make a short appearance back on Earth then drift off again.

All night long and about every 3-4 hours they are injecting me or taking more blood and giving me pain IV drips, but I don’t care and sleep on.

Thursday and my diet changes from clear fluids to fluids! This includes ice cream and jello. When I finally come round I realize the magnitude of what they have done ……… I feel as though I’ve been kicked in the gut and other places …… and the mind boggles as to how they got this catheter in here and even worse how do they get it out?

Various pains come and go including one in the shoulder caused by the anesthetic and a cough also caused by same but that really hurts the gut. They certainly take good care of you and you know it must be quite serious surgery to warrant this much attention and checking all vital signs so frequently. Doctor comes and goes and says no more blood samples at 0500. Fireworks from the local park and a night on the history channel which is one of the few in focus.

Overnight the bags start leaking and then in round 2 its just full of gas and very painful.

Friday another day of constant checks and different style of bags but these start leaking. Well at least I’m on light food of soups and scrambled eggs and the coffee is quite good. Seems I’m going home tomorrow.

Dreadful night, can’t get to sleep, leaking bags, seemingly constant interruptions for vitals. Must have moved the bed angles and its very uncomfortable …… give in!

I think I screwed up the controls??

Saturday and another set of bags that don’t leak…… home at last but very weak and tired.





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