So I’ve done all I can now with “No Excuses” until I get some more of those domed rocker feed nuts and of course time has not been on my side to get any “running in” time or practice.


Due to the total lack of riding since Mosteller’s last year I may have to consider dropping down from Exp to Int for the remainder of this season. Sounds hard I know but if Jeff Smith could do it in AHRMA then with advancing years and lack of everything else I may just have to follow the trend of others and opt for an easier route and reintroduction to my favorite sport.

After all as I clearly don’t know what constitutes a “good” section I’ll be able to find out from some “hands on” time, and no doubt some riding tips from those that chastised me 3 weeks ago.

More rain this week and only a substitute driver for Friday so this year will be a one day dash with an o’crack of sparrow fart dawn start in the wee dark hours. Busy day on Thursday loading and getting refueled amid 7.5 hours of school bus driving.

Casper as many of you will remember has always been my favorite venue for Vintage Trials in America, it truly has everything with sections that remind me of my youth. Some great rides and of course some less than stellar performances which may have been the product of alcoholic night ramblings into the early hours during yet another WFO drinking session.

Last year Dan and Bob’s sections came up trumps again after a lot of rethinking amidst the remnants of the previous year’s fire and then the great flood! The place just has a ton of potential. I wonder if any of those apple trees survived ?

Thursday, and here we are at loading day so plenty to get on with once I’ve filled with water and diesel….. LP should be full as it was topped up prior to the Sipapu trip when the generator decided to quit on us. First bring the trailer round and get that in position so that we can hook up out front on my return from the gas station.

Two bikes for this weekend with Cub as No1 and a run in and round on the Int line which for Pre Historics is the 3 line ….. first time I’ve ever ridden the 3 line in competition ! Better be careful and not screw it up….. and watch those split cards.

Safari filled and ready, trailer on and swept out and unbelievably a spring clip from the needle that I tried to change and lost at Sipapu magically appears in the sweep out dust and trash. Now time for bikes, boxes and bits along with the ITSA Trialsmaster kit which moves to Tucker Ranch for our mid September outing.


Loading completed on time with just the last minute stuff on Friday morning  and hopefully on the road around 0600 ?  All goes to plan and only 5 minutes late the anchor is weighed and we leave port with  580 miles to go.


One refueling stop in Rawlins WY and we make it to our reserved slot at Casper by 1730 and all is well in the world. Ed and Evelyn are here but generally a lowish turnout from the Vintage Community ?

A few drinkies and as the temps go down time for food, film and bed at last. Looking forward to all the fun tomorrow!










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