Always wanted a flat tracker….. look out Casper

Today’s mission to find a British nut that will fit the exhaust rocker cover stud that some dummy has fitted with a real goofy locknut thing and a fiber washer !


So thin when you tighten up the socket falls off the nut!!!


Not a locknut but BSW and a bit more meat to grip!

Fortunately for me I have a local Vincent restorer who has several junk nut boxes with BSW and BSF left overs. Job done so that can be replaced and the leaking oil issue will be a thing of the past. Meanwhile over in CA Ray is sourcing the real things, studs, nuts and copper washers. When they will arrive is anyone’s guess.


Studs, copper washers and locknuts

For today its lawn mowing and its long! Done!! now back to me and No Excuses and tomorrow I’ll fit the old stud with new nuts and take some test time around the garden and up the side road. NEW spark plug caps ordered to replace those rotted ones. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any other problems but I have a week to find them before Casper so fingers crossed.

Another wet Friday morning, cooler and not very nice, so time to change all the wiper blades on the Cadi as the others had started streaking and missing sectors. Also still need to fix the power steering leak and rebalance the wheels as I suspect a weight has fallen off on the back set.

The weekend is here and that means Casper is looming. Still waiting on those new studs from Ray which left CA on Wednesday, today or Monday I hope ? c’mon post give me a break here, and I can finally wrap it up and get some seat time. Wonder how this was sent ? I think standard letter mail would have been best and is 1/2 the time of Priority Mail Express!! …… a con trick, and a very expensive con trick at that.

Two hours until the post rolls in so with warming weather back time to clean up the shop, sort out the toolbox, and get back on track for some trials time. Interestingly with all this weeks rain I wonder how those cliff sections would have faired if we had enjoyed this rain 2 weeks ago? Could have been a VERY different trial, but I don’t expect they like mud either!!……. wonder what they do like?

Post arrives, but nothing from CA ….. most likely sent overnight which should take a bloody week! A bit from the UK ordered on 18 Aug arrives today 23 Aug …. it never makes any sense. Well I’ll go ahead and fit the old with new nuts and see if it leaks.

Toolbox nearly done, amazing what crap climbs in there over the years. Misc pliers, cutters, screwdrivers with broken flats, chisels, nuts and bolts, oddball plastic ties, chain fish plates and bits, dead plugs and other unknowns.

Floor cleaned now its Cub time…….. starts first kick, sounds fine, needs a little carb adjustment but that can be done later … but its still pissing oil out the front rocker cover or is it ?

Further investigation shows forward rocker sealed nicely so where is this virgin clean oil coming from ? Lights, action, roll ’em , and yes its leaking from the rocker shafts and dripping down the head and then coming to the low point under the top fin below the exhaust rocker cover. Looks like whoever rebuilt the head did NOT use NEW CRUSH WASHERS and its leaking…….. also one of the domed head nuts is stripped and in fact add that to the weird nut that was on the rocker stud + 2 nuts on the other one I get the impression that this head was rebuilt by a complete NOVICE … a real SHADETREE !!  I’m not impressed at all! If you are responsible for the rebuild and you have incorrect nuts or a STRIPPED one you either report it to a supervisor or CHANGE it yourself and if you are using crush washers you use them ONCE and once only. Overall this is a very poor effort.

I now have FOUR DAYS to get those crush washers and domed nuts or NO EXCUSES will not be ridden at yet another event and I think you can understand how angry that makes me.



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