“Let’s go do it again !”

San Ysidro, or as we discovered yesterday, Gripper Di Do Da, or unlimited grip at any angle and any
speed…… quite amazing what these rocks will put up with, sand ? not quite so user friendly!! Today a
1000 start, 3 shorter loops of only 8 sections so we should be on the road in good time to get home
and get life back to normality for Monday morning.

The riding group is the same as yesterday so once again it should be fairly evenly matched as we
dominated the 2 line yesterday. Off we go with me on cards and Dan on the punch. A short ride from
the start down a garden path lined with stones and we are at 1. Section 1 opens on flat bedrock and
the first hurdle is a 2′ step up either a straight short rock or a slightly curved dirt/rock groove to it’s left
with a little jink to avoid a big rock. Flat recovery zone into right turn dropping off onto more bedrock
staying out right on the slight downhill to position for a 70 degree adverse back up a 3′ ledge. Had this
been yesterday’s opener then the adverse would have caused severe doubts about traction but with
“rock knowledge” its very possible and rides well and sets you up for the right hand drop down over
some broken rock bits which could get displaced as the morning wears on. All the team are through
for the first clean of the day.

Dan on the first drop offs of 1

Chris on that nasty adverse in Section 1

Section 2 a gentle bounce down a wide bedrock gulley with a hairpin turn to come back over an easy
large slab staying left to turn right to climb a dirt and rock step before lining up on a series of downhill
steps and cross the gulley with a short burst up the opposite bank turning left to the exit. Everybody
stays on line and the records show three more cleans.

Coming down the steps of Section 2

Back through the start area and a short ride down the wash to find section 3. Enter on that flat bed
rock again with some piles of wash sand as you take a right turn in the trees to attack a blind 3-4′
step leading on to a downhill ridge line dropping off into wet sand and then staying right by the tape
to line up on a gnarly gulley between two large outcrops. Right turn, gentle bed rock to ends card.
Again, looks tricky, stay away from the sand and once more it rides well for everyone to clean.

Up the gnarly bit of 3

Off the top of 3, perhaps the most interesting section of the day, in my opinion, and the perfect test
for rock grip “confidence”.  Gentle downhill start off the bed rock, jink by a small bush then set up for
a steep drop off into a tightish 135 degree left turn into an eroded natural rock channel. Now it gets interesting! To get out of the channel and the next hazard this requires an adverse climb across a 70
degree inclined sidewall before hitting a 2′ step onto an upper bedrock plateau where a right turn is
made coming back beside a huge outcrop and then lining up for the final uphill to cross another slab
on the bedrock and make the exit. The key word was “confidence” and we all clean it with ease.

Section 5 is without doubt the hardest one we have seen this morning and mistakes here with line
and power could be costly. Downhill rock bed gulley with a sharp 70 degree side on the right coming
down to a fir tree where a left turn must be made between the tree and a rock wall. Sandy bottom
down here with some rolling rocks and of course a danger of clouting the right handlebar on the rock
wall. Once clear of the tree a steep uphill burst onto the topside of that gulley and slip through a
sneaky gate cleverly positioned on the left of a small bush that allows just enough room to line up on
the major hazard of a near sheer 4′ rock wall. Choices here, start turning on the way up to turn left on
the next ridge, or straight on into tighter turn on a lower ridge tight by the red tape. Dan elects the lower
while Chris and I turn early……. result all cleans, so I guess plenty of options.

Up the daunting step on 5

A nice touch at 6 ! Straight shot bed rock downhill by a Yucca turning right, crossing a ridge and then
pick up downhill water channel in the rock into left turn beyond rock pool. Bit of Trialsmaster humour
here as they know I love mud with a “special” gate. From the gate left turn through uphill collection of
crumbly rocks to exit. All clean.

Trialsmaster humour !  …… what do the cards say ?

They know I like MUD

Section 7 has to be the 2 line “gimmee”, straight easy step down gentle hill into the one hazard of a
short burst steepish uphill then cross more bedrock to line up for left downhill turn over a few loose
rocks then easy uphill path to the exit. No surprizes and 3 more cleans.

Regain yesterday’s route and off to 8 which we saw between yesterday’s 9 & 10. Only hazard here is
the start zone with a collection of gnarly, but firm, large rocks to cross to the drop off and then stay on
line at slow speed to the exit. Chris and Dan explore the two different lines and as both work I take
the Dan line as its straighter. 3 more cleans complete loop 1 with everybody on a perfect score…….
and some of those sections were NOT that EASY !

The left side for Chris

Dan and I both favour this line

Full of confidence with this grippy rock stuff the team set off on loop 2 and as you would expect on this
type of going nothing, but nothing,  has changed!  We sail through the first 4 sections without a point
lost and take on that hard step in 5. Chris and I are clean but Dan has an annoying bounce on the top
and surrenders a dab. All clean 6 through 8 and back to the start for the last set of cards. Last time
round to wrap up a very enjoyable weekend and once more we all return clean loops. Dan and Chris
swop honours in the INT class, and Chris and I both finish the day on Zero which is the best on the 2
line again. Within our team, had I been riding Hist Int then we would have had a ride off on BOTH days,
however in MTS Exp a superb ride from John Clement on his NEW Honda tied the division with Bob
Rowland and John Holbrook rushes off to set a tie breaker of EPIC Proportions…….. this WILL BE AN

On the subject of pics, my camera was only out and about for a few shots, apart from the tie break,
so my thanks to Chris and Mary for “Borrowing” some of theirs to suppliment the text. Perhaps the
strangest thing was the fact that we BOTH did a medal shot from the weekend ????? Heres mine

Glitzie’s spoils in the Clubman Class & the 2 line


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  • 5/9/2013 10:02 AM Dan wrote:
    Great write-up of the weekend, It was fun to re-live it.
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  • 5/13/2013 9:12 PM Chris wrote:
    Like Dan says “it was fun to relive it” thanks
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  • 5/14/2013 8:47 AM MaryAnn Adams-Gregson wrote:
    Watching my dad participate since 1974 has been amazing. Kudos to all of you and I love the narratives and photos that depict the “action.” It is almost impossible to explain this sport to people, most haven’t heard of it, even many seasoned riders. I love to share these links and watch the amazed expressions. Especially when they realize my dad is approaching 70…hmmm hmm I mean 49! The sport is accessible to so many and is one of the most fun spectator sports I have witnessed! You get to be “right in the action!” Hoping to get to one this summer with my son and hope he gets the bug! MaryAnn (Chris’s daughter.)
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