Enough humping wood and weeding, time to get into some oil and grease! Two bikes to prep for San Ysidro, only 3 weeks away, and fit the center stand assembly to the Beemer that I found on ebay.


Lets review the schedule of work that is in the mind’s eye. Both bikes need fork oil changes so that will be Task 1 and with that done the handlebars will be changed over with bar risers fitted on the Cub which will then have the black pro taper 6″. The 7″ Renthals will move back to Superglitz as I can’t use bar risers on those yokes without it looking mighty odd,  whereas the Cub has the B50 yokes which are direct up-and- down style. Also the bars have to be removed on the Cub to take off the fork nuts for refilling.

Then finish off that job (Task 2) with new color coordinated NEW Progrips for both.

Some serious annealing of those pesky copper washers and a good check on the Wiseco fitting for the rocker oil feed on the Cub will be Task 3 along with fitting the NEW finned rocker covers to replace the “over tightened” set that dished and caused the “ticking” noise.

Back to Superglitz for Task 4 with both wheels out and redo the brake actuators for smooth operation.

Fresh fuel, clean the OKO carb on Glitzie, for Task 5 and finish off with removing the seat pad and fitting NEW decals as Task 6.

Cub time and wheels out here for those brake actuators (Task 7) and then re-clean the carb and fit the fuel tank and NEW iridium plug as Task 8.

Day 1 of bike prep complete, not all sun and roses, but the fork oil changes are done which is a simple task on the Yam but a major dismantle on the Cub because of the variety of parts used in its build. The BSA B50 forks and their yokes, which work well, have the oil drain plugs  located on the outside of the legs and because I’m using a Yam TY175 swinging arm bolt as the axle the axle nuts are directly under the drain plugs. The front wheel is also a TY250A unit which gives good front end braking and is one of the listed Tasks to clean the brake pivot arm so that had to come off anyway.

With the wheel out and the handlebars off, another part of a task, the top 1.5″ nuts can be undone, the mudguard and modified TY stay has to be removed, and then each leg removed from the forks and then emptied, refitted and refilled. Well that got done and the Renthals   put back on Superglitz along with the removal of the foam seat pad which was falling to bits.


A lot to remove to change the fork oil !


Renthals back on Superglitz



Old seat gets cleaned off

Day 2, starts  measuring the  bolts for the handlebar risers as I’m not sure of length or thread. As one original old English BSA bolt was stripped I may as well drill straight through and nut them from the underside. Better fit the NEW rocker covers before any ingress of dirt….. that Task ….. Done!

Info in hand time to drive into town for the MUCH needed haircut as the strong winds are playing havoc with the flowing locks. All town missions complete and work begins. Holes are drilled……… but, there is a little lip on the rear of the yoke which needs filing off for the nuts. Seems I had forgotten the design here and as  I remove the crown nut the stem slides down and the ball bearings fall on the floor! Hadn’t planned on repacking the head bearings but looks like I’m doing it anyway.




Regreased and ready to go

Some time later and nearly at close of play the bars, bearings, forks, yokes and re-cleaned front wheel are all back on. Brake action fine just a few minor adjustments required and rewire the kill switch.

Thought I would have had it all done by now, but advancing years and lack of spanner time are showing so I guess I’m looking at a few more days to complete this lot.



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