Saturday 13 Apr 2013 and Superglitz is in New Mexico at San Ysidro where neither of us have been
before. The weather is pleasant, save for the wind and blowing sand and clearly I’ve overtrained and
could have had another hour in bed!

Very good turnout with 27 riders for our opening event, and I’m sure we will have even more as the
season progresses. The menu for today is 1100 start and 3 loops of 10 sections with a longish loop.
With my Cub still in bits fellow Cubman Dan Straka has elected to leave his at home and brought his
Yamaha collection and today will be riding a fairly pristine 76’ish TY175. Also in our group of 3 is
Chris Adams on his stable of Suzukis.

Section 1, like most of the sections in this landscape looks fairly ambitous, but actually rides a lot
easier than it looks. Initial start into an uphill twisty on dry dirt into an uphill left turn followed by an
adverse downhill to set up for a short uphill burst to gain a ledge between a couple of big holes then
maintain the adverse to a soft sand round the bush on a ridge, descending left and right in loose
sand and dirt to the exit. We all take our time on this one and watch several different lines which all
seem acceptable. Chris gets caught for a dumb dab in the exit sand while Dan and I creep through
for the cleans.

Section 2 has a rock groove or direct attack larger rock uphill first hazard into a right turn, small
recovery zone then over a rock to set up for a grooved drop off to the exit. All clean here so on to 3.

Multiple entry gates on 3 and then line dependant downhills between some trees in drying sandy
mud. Ride a foot wide rock ledge turning tight left into uphill steps to the exit. Again all clean on this

Section 4 is another daunting looking affair, series of downhill drop offs into uphill right turn with a
series of steps on solid rock, then holding close to the blue, meander over solid rock, dirt and cacti
before a right tight turn to face an adverse drop into opposite adverse step up with broken angled
rocks and about a 3′ climb onto bed rock exit plateau. Misjudge this hazard and it could be a certain
5 ! Well it rides nicely, nobody has any problems and all through clean.

The adverse of 4 rides easier than it looked…. Chris shows how

Close at hand is 5 with a gentle over the rock start into a downhill dip to pick up an uphill groove with
mainly solid bed rock and a few loose rollers. Ride the solid bedrock by the red tape into left hand descending turn over moving slabs staying left for a right turn uphill at just off idle to gain the upper
ridge and left turn to the exit. No problems here so off across the moon scape for a rough and tiring
ride to find section 6.

Section 6 starts off over a rock as our gate then out to the red and stay off the loose sand that has
blown against the rock wall. Gentle left turn to line up on the main hazard of a big angled rock step
with a groove at one end. Again rides a lot easier than it looks and three more cleans in the bag.

The end of the step is the place to be

An out and back to sections 7 & 8 from the main path to find two very similar tests. Section 7 must
be “our” 2 line gimmee of the day with a nice gentle bumpy downhill onto a solid bedrock left turn
to line up on a big slab uphill which after what we have already seen will ride well with a ton of grip.
3 more cleans for the team and over to 8.

Section 8 has a bit more meat in it and there might be a few problems here if you over think it. With
the grip that this rock gives it seems you can ride it at any angle and any speed so perhaps just  go
with the flow and the natural line the Trialsmaster had envisaged….. Don’t get clever!!   The section
has a wide start area which gives a choice of 3 lines leading into the first hazard which is the left
hand downhill over a series of steps. From the solid rock plateau at the bottom stay out right to find
the line up across some solid adverse cracked rocks leading onto a dirt ledge followed by another
smaller step onto the main bed rock that takes you up and up to the ends card.  Chris hit the first
step a bit off his intended line and forced him up the left side, but as they say “a cleans a clean”.
Dan aimed for the right side and was surprized by the grip which took him out further than intended
but was able to correct back to his planned line. Mine went as planned on the 3/4 right line with just
one burst from the “BJ” ultimate trials engine.

Downhill trail ride on a bit more user friendly going and we are at 9 & 10. Section 9 looks simple
enough with a series of tight turns just after the start gate. The initial left turn tightens up and has a
ledge running parallel to the line followed by a right/left jink between some footrest high boulders
into a wider right turn on bedrock with some sand to come back through more large boulders. With
the turns out of the way a simple run round the red tape to line up on a large outcrop with some
knarly rocks on the drop off exit.

Chris goes first but lets the front wheel drop off the mini ledge and can’t get it back up to make the
turn……. nasty DUMB 5!! I start off too close to the start gate and never get set up properly and find
my hand still on the clutch (which I never do)….. and for some reason can’t stop my fingers tweaking
the bloody thing…… the bike is leaping about every which way with this alien technique and I am no
sooner out of one bit of self inflicted bother and I’m back in another until finally I hit a big boulder and
take a ridiculous DAB for my stupidity !!! Dan takes the mini Yam through making it look very easy for
the clean.

Never settled, all wrong and couldn’t let go of the clutch!!

Smooth and controlled from Dan for the clean

Oh well, lets see what we can do with 10. A lumpy bumpy start across bed rock that was once
under water and has all the rock pools formed in it from millions of years ago. A bounce round
this lot into a right turn to go behind a large solid boulder with medium size firm rocks embedded
in sand. Once round the rock the left turn continues in varying depth wash sand before some
minor rocks to cross on the way to the ends gate. Well as I’ve said before I quite like sand, just
treat it as mud without the water !

Chris is in first and gets to the wash sand with his weight a little too far forward and the front
starts to wash out causing the well known double inside dabs. Dan nearly gets it right but the
front is turning too much in the sand and a dab is lost. My turn and it stays nicely on line and
with steering commands at a minimum a clean is in the books.

Need to get behind the big rock turning left into the sand on Section 10

First loop totals Chris on 8, Dan on 1 and of course my lamentable 1 on section 9

Off on loop 2 and everybody is safely through 1 & 2 without penalty. Dan and Chris clean 3 but
as I came around the downhill turn into the sand mud there were tracks going straight on and to
the right ? That moment of indescision costs me a dab to get back on the line…… very, very

We all clean everything from 4 through 9 (including me) this time not using that clutch thing,
and it rides very smoothly. Section 10 has cost Chris and Dan and they both take another dab
for the same reasons. I bounced off my intended line going around the big rock going too wide
and was forced to dab to regain the correct track but tried to get back in balance too quickly
losing another in the process.

Totals after 2 loops: Chris 9, Me 4, and Dan with just 2

Out for the last time and we won’t stop until someone loses a point and then we will punch
cards as we are all riding pretty well. That didn’t take very long and we are ALL clean through
the first 9 and back at the tricky 10 where Dan and I have both lost 2 and Chris is on 3. Lets
see how it looks and what happens.


Chris rides the bumps of the rock pools turning right to set up for the left hander around the big rock

Into the deeper sand with too much steering input….. and the dab is lost

Similar line from Dan over those rock pools

Too tight on the big rock lost Dan the first Dab and now with weight
coming forward and the wheel crabbing, there goes another for the 2

My turn and I’m line perfect again and ease through for a very satisfying clean and a clean loop.

Final scores for our little group are Dan and myself on 4 each ( 2 dabs and a 2) and Chris on 10.
Needless to say I enjoyed section 10 with the only 2 cleans of the day on the 2 line. Overall the bike
performed flawlessly, it handled well and the steering was precise. The new OKO carb needed no adjustments and provided instant smooth response on demand. The power from the “BJ Ultimate
Trials Engine”also seemed spot on especially on the cross country going in 3rd and 4th gear.
Suspension gave no problems with both TY Mono forks and rear Magicals doing their job, the new
Pro Grips are first class and the SM modified blunted footpegs seemed good. Early days for Glitzie
but on this showing I’m more than impressed.


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  • 4/21/2013 8:59 AM Martin Widman wrote:
    I thought you were taking it to a Classic Bike Show not going riding!!! How dare you get that beauty dirty?
    Modest reporting of a good performance but still looks like you need a bit more practice!!
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