After two days of intense competition there is a tie in MTS Experts. Sunday’s 8 sections could only take
1 mark a piece from Bob Rowland and John Clement who was having an inspired ride on his recently acquired Honda.

On both days John had been in with a chance to win the class only to have it fall to pieces on the last
loop. So today it goes to the dreaded Tie Break and as Bob was the Trialsmaster, secretary John
Holbrook takes on the duties and sets a section of EPIC proportions worthy of a Cecil B. DeMille film
that would set fear into the mind of 1970’s World Champions ! Yes I know its a grippy surface but this
is a serious challenge.

The game plan is two rides each, both ways. From where we are sitting in the grandstand the riders
will start on our right  dropping down a steep rock and step infested groove before dropping off a 2′
step and then splashing through a rock pool into an uphill climbing turn to the left. Could be some
pivot turns out of this pool, a planned dab ?, or a lofted turn using the smooth rock back wall. From
there a  reverse “S” into a “U” to climb the severe exit hill.

Round 1
The crowd waits, final checks on the Honda, and John sets off for his first attempt. Everything about
this section is nasty! John gets out of the pool but by the time he is lined up for the final hill he is on

Trying for the “working man’s three”

John and the trusty Honda make it 3/4 way up before getting stuck in the rocks and running out of
ideas and leg power. Net result a 5 but with a bit more woof at the bottom of the hill a run to the exit
is on the cards.

Run out of grip, leg power and ideas ………. 5 !

Bob’s first attempt looks good arriving at the hill on 2 but then the Montesa gets away ending up
sideways and going nowhere. Result of run 1, a classic 5.

Out of the rock pool

Now on 2 as it starts up the hill

Sudden sideways death for the 5

Round 2
 More walking, some tape adjustment, and with the knowledge of Round 1 the contestants ready for
second attempts with scores still equal. John comes out of the pool on a much tighter line but seems
caught between a planned dab or a slightly lofted turn. With a foot down the front wheel lifts but he
can’t get on top of the machine before the front wheel pops over the red tape……. Result another 5 !

Push on with the dab or loft the front ?

It pops over the tape for the 5

From what could have been a good attempt John rides the little Honda around the rest of the section
and this time (no pressure) it climbs the final hill ……… if only !!

Up and out no problems!!

Bob comes smoothly through the pool and arrives at the base of the hill on 2. How will this go ?

Nice wall of death turn

Good position for just 2 lost….. keep it going

Higher and higher …….

OUT for the 2 !!

Fantastic ride with a lot of determination Bob makes the top and scores a 2 for his efforts. Scores
now Bob on 7, John on 10

Round 3
 The reverse route doesn’t look any easier and dropping into the rock pool is on the slippy side and
then there is the 2′ step to get over before the final climb let alone the downhill start and the “S”. John
kicks off and tentatively slips down the first major hill.

Gently does it

John arrives at the Rock Pool with 3 lost already and takes on the step and exit hill. Over the awkward
step from the wet sand he gets back in control and attacks the hill.

Over the big step on 3

Guts and glory the Honda, climbs the rocks and John just hangs on before crashing and stepping off
at the ENDS card. A very determined and well earned 3 !

Bob takes up the challenge and seems to be going well on the downhill and “S”

Good controlled entry

Non desirable right side dab …… and then the motor stopped

Well that has tightened the score up again so after 3 Rounds we have Bob on 12 and John on 13. All
down to Round 4 and is still anyone’s with a good ride.

Round 4

 John sets off well on his last attempt with a smoother downhill start, a couple of nervous prods and
he is through the last downhill turn into the waterhole. A serious prod to get over the vertical step and
then set off up into the final reaches of the section 


Better entry

Up over that nasty step with the third prod ……just go up the hill

So close …….. 6′ from the ends card and a step off 5

With John’s total on 18 Bob has already calculated he can’t lose even with a five on this last run. He
elects to ride the section and is clean coming through the “S” but on arrival at the rock wall drop turn
into the water………

The Montesa stalls again

After 4  runs the scores are Bob on17 and John on 18.

Full results for all classes are on along with 102 photos of a great first
event for our 2013 season.


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  • 4/26/2013 4:42 AM Bob Midmer wrote:
    Nice lot of pictures Tony and a good story! Regards Bob
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  • 4/28/2013 2:15 AM Steve wrote:
    Have you any closer pictures of the tank unit on the Honda? Looks good. Any idea whose make it is?
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    1. 4/28/2013 10:42 AM Bill wrote:
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  • 4/28/2013 4:20 PM Ralph Foster wrote:
    Thanks for the report on the tie breaker.Now thats how you break a tie.Sounds like the 8 sections were too easy and the tie breaker a bit too hard.Sorry I couldnt make it. Looks like a great place to ride.
    Thanks Ralph
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    1. 4/28/2013 5:45 PM Tony Down wrote:

      Yes, you would have loved the rocks with grip like I’ve never seen before!! You might not have like the sand ???

      Make sure you come to Dolores if nowhere else, Its going to be our ITSA NATIONAL and will be quite special Aug10/11. 12 sections, 3 loops, lots of variety.

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