The scene of another Yuletide Massacre…… a drive by shooting by the
anti “Merry Christmas” brigade…. corpses of Santa, elves, snowmen and
polar bears litter the front yard

” …….its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas……” here we go again, Thanksgiving over, still full of turkey and
the decorating ritual begins! I’m also reminded that “We have lost a week already” as the 28th Nov was the
last possible date for Thanksgiving….. so it will be boxes galore this morning, the new tree, my stars to hang
and the ever growing light display to crack on with…… yes, I’m under pressure! Now add in the birthday girl
wants to go out tonight, pool at the Hollywood tomorrow and Sunday in Mancos.

The day starts well enough with the loft ritual of upstairs boxes and some of the upper balcony lights. The
new tree comes up from downstairs and is opened and its crap! This means a trip to Walmart for a quick
replacement… not exactly what we wanted but it will do. Decorating begins while I have a few setbacks on
the new star projects. The tails are too big! More work on this required so hop to it.

Boxes for everything

Need to put lights on these wreaths

Brenda decides she doesn’t like either of the new trees so the old fiber optic reappears from the loft and
gets a full tune up which takes all day. Meanwhile my Sunday is spent outside in the freezing cold playing
with the stars and getting them up in the trees. By nightfall they are done and are test fired and m’lady likes
them so having wired up the wreaths with new LED I’m about two days behind in the big scheme of things.

Tree No 2 is decorated ……. but she doesn’t like it !

Old faithful is recalled from the loft

The week goes from bad to worse with some bitterly cold weather and a fresh fall of snow. Bus driving is
hazardous to say the least but we press on as there are NO SNOW DAYS in Cortez!! With delayed runs
in the morning my home time is down to 3 hours a day tops and working outside with the staple gun is not
pleasant ! By Friday the outside of the house is done and all that remains is the front lawn and now more
pressure as it MUST be completed before the pool competition and the onset of a winter storm which
could dump a foot if their forecast is correct. With numbed fingers the timers are set, the cords are given
one last check and if Clarke Griswold has it right they should all be on when we come home.

It snows, the lights come on, and it continues snowing all night and all Sunday morning.

It works !

2 weeks left of school bus driving and now it has got really cold! Monday morning as I leave at o’dark thirty
its -4F or -20C in new money. The bus starts but won’t do much else and then shuts down with a CHK
ENG light. No spares as many others refuse to start point blank. It gets marginally warmer, well out of the
minus numbers, and the rest of the week hovers around zero.

Bus gets a mini dec

Judgment day is Friday when the Chamber of Commerce tours the town and awards the prizes. It does
seem that some years they give first timers the prize for effort rather than the total effect…… we will see
how it goes this year. Another player at the coffee shop had a pretty good display but was clearly sand-
bagging until Friday and then went all out in an attempt to snatch the trophy….. but as the results are now
in the “Cozy Comfort” wins again! Must have been the new shooting stars. Lets review the light spectacular
and see what might have caught the judges eye.

Deers drinking at the waterfall, new shooting stars

For the redneck…… the shivering polar bear

Front of house with the new lit wreaths

Another shooting star up the Cozy sign

New lights on the mini conifers in the front bed



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