Beautiful day for a trial

A warm morning at nearly 8000′, hardly any wind, blue skies and temps near 80F. Usual format of 10 x 3 and buddy checking. Everybody starts at 1 so unless your group pushes on this will take some time.

Adverse run across the rocks into a wide sweeper around some big mothers looping back to the last turn to the exit. It rides nicely and shouldn’t change much unless some rocks get rotovated in from other lines.

2 is on the lower side of the loop and has been used before with many variations. Downhill entry in soft sand, a few turns to cross the wash then set up for the uphill with a turn in the looser rocks to the exit. Rides well but will be worth walking each loop to check for new unexpected hazards.

Round the loop to 3 and several choices of entry and lines but elect a rock plateau start and a direct attack up the gorge. Again rides well and should not change.

4 is close at hand and comes in the backside of an old “tried and true” selection from previous years. Soft sand turn which could cut up but OK now before a squirt up the hill and ride round the camber to the exit. So far so good, but its still leaking oil from those rocker shafts and the start up ticking is very annoying. Performance wise its good and the handling is fine with the new Rockshocks which are working well.

Fun single track riding into a steep downhill to the start of 5. Good test of the brakes and the extra work on these paid off with no locking on problems. 5 itself was a steep uphill having crossed the wash into a 90 left and then adverse to the exit. 1/2 way round and still clean we now bounce out onto the main track by the garage and come back towards the start for 6.


Pete in control on the climb of 5


Low in the saddle from Clinton on 5

6 has many choices and I have ridden most over the years but today its a simpler version and shouldn’t cause any grief if you can stay on line with idle power.

Nice loop ride out to 7 on the North side of the property passing many good sections from the past. Today’s 7 is a series of ups and downs crossings of the soft dirt wash and needs good balance and control or the front will wash for the dreaded dab.

More of the fun loop and now the narrow winding downhill where with too much speed a crash is quite on the cards. Always reminded me of the many single tracks up in the SSDT. Once down the bottom and over the main ranch road and into the big moon rocks in the pines to find another old favorite in the shape of 8.

Tempting groove to ride up and then left turn on the path between the big boulders. Follow the natural path and pick a line through some brush. Second choice is a slightly wider start and turn before the big fir and then cross some gnarly rocks before getting on the path from this straighter line. I go for the “tempting” and pay the price when the left peg clouts the top of a rock as I start onto the path. No clean card today!

Short ride to 9 which starts with a steepish downhill into a wide right turn and then picking up a suitable line amid the loose  for turns up the steepening climb to the exit. I can feel the rear wheel searching for grip as it climbs.


Bob eases through on the B line


Bailey shows us what can be done on Ed’s TY175 trying the new Master Line ….. yes, up that one!!!


Unreal !

Back to the start for 10 in the Waterfall. Cross the lower pond after dropping in then exit up a 2 step into left/right/left sequence around the mini tree and then hug the outside tape to the exit.


Dan on the B at the Waterfall, section 10

First loop took a little over 2 hours but will ride a lot faster now groups are taking drinks and food. Clean the first 7 as before and now re-walk number 8 and look at the other entry line. Its gnarly but solid and rides nicely for the clean, wish I’d used it the first time! No changes on 9 or 10 and a clean loop.

That took about 50 minutes so out for the last go. 1 rides the same but 2 has been rotovated up the exit but rides as before. Over to 3 for the clean and then get caught out by the wash sand turn which, was blind from the start point, ….. yes, I should have walked it and paid the price with a dab! 5 & 6 are the same but 7 is taking marks and become quite tricky with the loose dirt. A bit of concentration pays off and a good clean here. The gnarly line at 8 is the way to go and no changes on 9 or 10 so a grand total of two single dabs for the day which of course could so easily been the clean card!









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