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The last weekend of the School Bus Driver’s Vacation and what a summer it has been! Today is Round 2 of planting up Scuffy who got some attention yesterday after our run to 4 Seasons for some autumn 1/2 price flowers and displays.

Brenda liked the variegated geraniums in the stern well and they give a nice contrast to the re-polished red of Scuffy’s hull. Brenda now wants to replace the horn and light up front on the area that will need some black paint.


Geraniums in the stern well

Next question is can I cut a plant holder in the hull ? Seems I can and after some careful measuring, circle drawing, hole drilling and final checking the jig saw begins cutting. It works with no problems and the last of the variegated geraniums has a home.



Hole cut, does it fit?


Recon’ so

Grasses are next and a new area has to be created at the stern which will keep them healthy and out of the prevailing wind.


The two main displays are leveled and placed in the troughs of the bow waves.



I’m done for the day

With this complete I continue tearing out the lawn grass around the new maple tree bed which will hold another display grass and mums yellow pot.


Before that can go in I must reload all the “gold nuggets” in the wake plumes and then tier the bed.

Back on the boat Brenda wants the throttle box refitted along with the aforementioned lights and horn and of course the fitting of the Bimini top.

As if I hadn’t got enough to do I had someone come to take down the majority of a dead cottonwood tree. He turned up on time and started taking down a few limbs. I checked with him later in the morning and he assured me that he would be finished within the hour so I duly paid him and we went plant shopping. On our return I went to see the final results expecting it to all be done and cleaned up!!!!



Seems he just cut the last trunk and then F&*%#$ OFF leaving the limb where it fell and all the other branches and crap all over the place. I now have the pleasure of cutting it all up and picking up all the little pieces. Angry ? I don’t think that QUITE conveys my feelings and I shall not be using his services again!

The weekend begins, the Bimini top gets fitted, more rocks go in the maple tree bed, and all the “gold nuggets” get spread up the wake plumes. Work continues on the interior and the front gets a coat of black along with the bar stools from the Dollar Store getting painted black.


Bimini top relocated and Brenda tries a “test cocktail” and the new barstools


Last of the gold nuggets go in the wakes


Black paint up the stripe

With all this work going on in and around the boat various strangers and townsfolk stop by and very soon Scuffy is in full party barge mode! By nightfall the party is done and a successful Saturday is in the books.


Random guests arrive!

Sunday and rock work continues and the Maple bed is finally finished with lilies and more red geraniums. Up front the 4 Mexican heathers are planted. More rocks and some steps for the side are dragged in, which needed more sand to level them but its done.



The Maple Bed is planted up


Mexican heathers go in up at the front


Side steps for driveway entry


Guest entry from the now “clean” driveway

Inside the throttle box goes back on, after extensive degreasing, and the side panels start to get refitted along with the forward lights and horn  ……. nearly there. Just time for a clean up as the weather changes and a storm rolls in.


Throttle box back on along with horn and lights

So, one non sea worthy boat, 17 tons of river rock, a few 1/2 price plants and shrubs, 21 days of hard work, and a few duty cocktails and we have ourselves “Scuffy’s at the Cozy”

A quick recap from the thinking time to completion…………


Will this work ?


17 tons of river rock


Some plants


A few more

………. and what do you have?     ………. a new bar in town!


…….. and your friendly barmaid to welcome you aboard.






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