Fests everywhere but now time to find 24 for our personal enjoyment within the Casey Cliffs area  to
which we have all been cordially invited. The sections I, like any other Trialsmaster, can make as hard
or as easy as the clientelle desire and as Chuck recently prooved to us we seem to have forgotten
what we are actually capable of doing having ridden a load of zero cards under the old Ahrma banner.
The TR sections were a bit more challenging than we were used to but safe nonetheless…… and there
is a big difference!!

Lets face it WE LOVE COMPETITION, but there is a limit. The All or Bust section in vintage trials does
not constitute bravery or stupidity, merely a good way to lose regular riders and damage treasured
priceless machinery. In my humble opinion, as your President, I feel Chuck got it spot on for his event although during the lead up to the event I had my reservations. The acid test must always be, FUN, challenging, but above all SAFE. Now I’m certainly not saying that every event needs to be that severe
but it goes a long way for everybody’s confidence as to what vintage iron can actually do ??? …….. and
to that end as a 1960’sand 70’s rider when I was at my personal “peak” (some say) some of the recent sections that were put in front of us, viewed with aprehension, and then cleaned, would NEVER have
been considered back then….. NOT even at UK NATIONAL level or for the SSDT.

So, assuming I can find a way round and through Casey’s land I’ll be looking for that fine balance of
safety, fun and challenge. There will of course be a “gimmee” or two to inspire a bit of confidence.

Thursday 6th June, my hands are being given a rest day from weeding and today will be the D Day
for finding the main route. If this can be done then reinforcements can be called in for some section
hacking once the beachead is established. Brenda says she may be joining me this morning ???
The one and only route up to the top is driveable by car but rather than have a 2 way system I would
like a continuous loop but that may not be feasable, bit like circumnavigating the globe when the Flat
Earth Society said it couldn’t be done!

Currently the ONLY way in to Casey’s land

Also need to speak to Ryan, the Town Manager, and see if I can use the rocks by the 4th Bridge as
a point of spectator interest. This is where the Duck Race finishes (another Escalante Days favorite)

The “Duck Race Finish” but I would like to use the rocks top left ?

Survey 1
  Two hours of walking up and down a mountain in 80F   …… I think it can be done! After beating my way through the brush, trees, rocks and all manner of other things, passing would be/could be sections I
noticed the electric company poles were nearly new ??   The mind wanders, how the hell do you set
wooden power line poles down a cliff face ? Well I guess you must first build some sort of path and I
then found their orange tape and by following that down the mountain I have the makings of a loop.
Won’t be that easy but a loop. I managed to climb down to about 300′ above the start area so that
portion will be the next phase and then linking it together and finally riding it when brush clearing has
been done.

Survey 2
 Post lunch another look from the bottom up by walking up my first would be “Graded Climb”. That can
be done but there after its problematic getting up to the next level of sections. Almost like we will need sherpas (not the Bultaco kind) to carry machines up the mountain. Well there has to be a way, just
can’t find it yet. Setting this event may be more difficult than I thought ! Its strangely not the sections I’m concerned about its more can anyone ride to them ??? More of that British determination and bloody mindedness will have to come to the fore. Better speak to Casey and find out more about this Dozer’s capabilities.

The “Graded Hill” from the bottom

Upper reaches of the Graded Hill viewed from about the “2” card

Too busy to take any piccies of the “Upper Sections” yesterday morning but here are some of the
afternoon tempters to whet the appetite. Following Turkey Rock everybody enjoyed dressing up in
women’s clothing, grabbing dogs and purses and leaping through windows so down at the start we
have an unusual section called “Honey I’m Home”

Start up the steps, through front door, shouting “HONEY I’M HOME”
dresses optional but not required

4 liners turn left in the living area, 3 liners around the dining table. 1 & 2
turn right down the corridor

1 liners turn right into the master bedroom and complete 180 turn
(you may cross your tracks) Puts another meaning on turning the

1 & 2 enter the spare bedroom and exit via a hole (to be made) in the yuk colored wall

Everybody leaves through the back door

Having slept on the rather daunting prospect of linking bottom to top up this cliff face, although I’m
sure it could be done, I have decided to err on the common sense side and do the first day on the
upper reaches and then day 2 down by “Honey I’m Home” that way keeping the Novices & Beginners
alive and well and within the Club.

As well as the Graded Climb, Honey I’m Home, we will have quite a few river sections, some simple
logs, Spud Trench, and the Grassy Knoll…….. who knows what else can be found amid Casey’s Real
Estate offerings ?

Water pools still in Lost Canyon Creek

At least 4 sections in the river bed

A bricked in travel trailer or gun emplacement ?

The Bottle House

The Grassy Knoll

Spud Trench, 4’s left by the first rock, 3’s up the bank after second rock,
1 & 2 straight on…….

1’s left up the crack, 2’s right up the rock or dirt

From the Realator handbook: “This unusual early rock house is available
with vacant possession. Ripe for modernisation, running water in all
rooms, faucets in some rooms”

 More news on other sections and the event in the near future. For those attending time to start thinking reservations and booking as Dolores WILL
be VERY busy 10/11 August. Cozy Comfort 970 882 2483, the Blog, or


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