Not quite sure how you get it but clearly its an advanced stage of the dreaded  “Trials Bug”  disease
that afflicts so many. You can be your own Doctor here and by answering a few simple questions you
can determine whether you too are suffering and need help.

When at a neighbor or friends are you mentally planning a route through their rock garden ?

While driving or riding do you see a rocky hillside as just Mother Nature’s beauty or a group of hazards
that need linking together ?

Does that babbling brook look good for fishing or would split markers give 4 lines and a double

Will that pile of fallen trees be a good source of winter firewood or better as multiple log crossings?

A babbling brook ? Or 2 sections with 4 natural lines ? 

If you answered YES to any of the questions then sadly my friend you are DOOMED to be a future
Trialsmaster so you had better get used to the idea ! The concept of “up there, round that, down the
rock, over the tree, across those roots, in and out of the mud etc and finish up there” is with you for

Over the years I have met many who had suffered from this and even taken it to manic off season
situations. Good friend and Trialsmaster Supremo, Ed Peacock, could not stop during the winter
months and laid out a section for Santa after his front garden had been re-landscaped before

Ed can’t resist a Christmas section at the house

Up in Canada, Dave Rhodes , The Outlaw, is out nearly every day in a continual quest for new safe
challenging sections……. reminds me a bit of an old UK chocolate ad where an unknown in burglar
suit completes all sorts of “daring do” to deliver a box of chocolates

“……….. and all because the lady loves Milk Tray”

“………and all because they love a proper trial”

My latest section for The Escalante 2 Day is “Up to my Arse in Grass” so I’ll be being Mr Nice Guy and
going round with the strimmer so everyone can see whats coming up rather than finding a lurking
nasty amid the foliage. The joys of virgin land.

Well I’ve seen them left like this and sure after 20+ riders its not too bad
but I think they should be cleaned so everybody gets a sporting chance without a surprize

With a host of other things needing attention my original plan of a quick strim got pushed back and a
simple task only got finished at 5 pm.The results however were worth the effort and I rate this section
as one of the best I have laid out in a very long time. Of course the true test will be on the day but I think
it has a challenge or two for every line.

It now becomes an enchanting walk through the gardens

The final climb through the undergrowth to the exit

Strimmed! as Grandad used to say “Now the dog can see the rabbit”

The last climb to the exit


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