With carding in progress time for the camera to capture the Trialsmaster’s  dream and see if all the hours of walking, cutting brush and felling trees has been worthwhile.

The route marking that I laid out last Sunday all along Merrit Way was kindly removed by some soul so that needs to be refreshed this morning before setting the last two sections under the bridge. All the others are done.

We start at Section 1 on the upper cliffs having come down the new and improved trail that I started cutting at the beginning of June. This is “See Forever” and runs in the reverse direction from last year.


Saturday 1, a gentle run on the upper cliffs, and what a view! This gentlemen, .. is “See Forever”


A good starter section for all 4 classes

Short ride around the NEW loop on the upper cliffs and we arrive at section 2 where I encountered the partially eaten predator. Also the section where I burnt out my new chain on the saw after cutting through a sandstone rock!


Section 2, “What does the Fox say” ? Downhill start into left hander, 3’s and 4’s easy run out while 1’s and 2’s tackle the hill before right downhill to exit


Could see clean cards ruined here!

The all new trail, that took a long time to cut, eventually brings us around the cliff edge to Section 3 which I put in during the last weeks as my previous effort had an exit that I felt could have caused some potential accidents. From the start cards you can see the enormous pile of fir tree cuttings that I removed and covered myself in resin.


Section 3, “Lotta Sap” with the big pile of fir branches


Left hander uphill, 1’s around top marker, 2’s through the firs and 3’s and 4’s may get a surprise on the lower rocks!


Doesn’t look to bad from this view

Section 4 was designed as a bit of a confidence builder but has a lot of potential for future years ….. this is “4 in a Row”


Everybody up the hill and single right turn around your card and out to the exit ….. should be the Saturday “gimmee”


….good for the soul, “4 in a Row”

A gentle wander downhill on the second tier cliffs brings us to our next new section “Good Luck”, its a bit loose but should bed in but expect a few silly dabs on this one.


Section 5, “Good Luck” even has the route markers on the map


Should bed in nicely

A lot of loop changes to get a reasonable line up for section 6 and everybody could be burning rubber shifting loose rocks to get to the entry…… one of the problems of being a one man band and having to walk everywhere!


Section 6, “Steps” which we used last year coming in from the top but today the run in could be harder than the section. The 1’s might not like this one.


The staircase of steps for you Experts !

Another NEW section just above last year’s bunch of logs called “Rolling Stones” ….. not too complicated but might take a dab or two.


Saturday “Rolling Stones” …. guess what will happen here

From 7 back to the way out section under the power lines that we rode last year. Everybody, including the Beginners got up it in that horrendous thunderstorm.


Start of 8, “Power Line” the last in this group so back down to the start area and the river.


The top end of 8….. read the markers!

Two way traffic on the trail out to the mesa then back down the track to last year’s Cat Face, well they do have 9 lives, so its in again and a great confidence section for the 4 liners.


Coming down the hill Saturday 9, “Cat Face”


Splits everywhere, make sure you are going the right way


This is the CAT FACE

Back down Merrit Way and, providing the nice people have left our route marking, there will be a switchback to the right to lead us down to the river. 3 sections in this group including my favorite “Enchanted Garden” and the DOUBLE section of Griswold 1 & 2

These look good as no more thunderstorms are forecast so the river level should be great for the section.


Peaceful setting at the start of the double section “Griswold 1 & 2”


River levels looking good.


The turn back to dry land


The changeover point to Gris 2


Exit from the “Griswolds”

Through the strimmed long grass area and arrive at the start boards for 12


I really like the start of this section, its Saturday 12, and my fave “Enchanted Garden” ….. this year a little twist for the 1 liners


What a nasty Trialsmaster!


Through the trees


Exit of 12

With these 3 done back down to the bridge (13) which I will lay out this morning and then  Alcatraz (14 ) …….. they will be something similar to last year.


Yes, its me with a clean under the bridge last year


Kirtis in full cry up the Black Rock in 2013

Last one is right beside the Rock and is ready to roll, although I can’t see this log rolling anywhere!


Entry off the road, but its Escalante Days and anything goes


Interesting !

Well there you have it the first 15 sections from one man and his bucket of stakes, novel start boards, ribbons and cards. Hope you enjoyed it and if you didn’t come put it on your “to do” list for next year.























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