No bus driving, so press on around the Equator! Next target on the horizon will be the 3602.09 marker where I finished 2017 at around Thanksgiving. Yesterday I was down on energy and after getting back from the hospital blood session it was blowing like hell and my enthusiasm  said NO so I settled for some weeding.

A bit more get up and go today and all is going well until I stop for an apple at a friend’s tree ……. CRAAACK! and another one of my remaining teeth, front center, breaks……. not sure how to deal with this, seems the only thing holding it in is my upper gum. It moves a bit if my tongue touches it and I fully expect it will be on the plate come dinner time.

Little early to see how the local school will fare with cases but we have the holiday weekend to get through and then 2 weeks from there we will see if there are any spikes. I see Sturgis didn’t do too well and the first death has been recorded. Locally up 3 cases and another 2 over in Durango.

Just as I expected ….. all over the seats and floor!

Well even though I’m not currently driving I did go and get my DOT physical to maintain my CDL for driving said bus. At the same time I got yet ANOTHER jury summons! This one I have got out of thanks to my Doctor  writing a nice letter saying I’m undergoing chemo. Meanwhile without thinking I bit into an apple, which was clearly TOO hard and one of my last teeth cracked … its loose and wobbly but won’t fall out but it was one of my 2 front upper crown teeth and most either side have fallen out thanks to the chemo poison. Not sure how I will be able to eat in the future……. there certainly won’t be any smiling that’s for sure! but as everyone is wearing a mask who will know?

The last couple of days I have been unbelievably tired and completely washed out by 1800 hours and last night went to bed for a full 12 hours ….. still felt tired when I got up but seems OK for the time being. Time to get out there and knock up a few more miles.

Right side Crown tooth!  … no more smiles from me!

Still feeling tired, broken tooth refuses to fall out, not sure if I need a couple of rest days? Another 50+ went in the books for the last 2 days so I’m up to 3331.32 but not feeling much like riding.

Forced myself out and managed just enough to stay on track at 3350.58, but today is another day. Tooth gets looser but still in there and won’t let go so another day on liquids and soft food and still feeling unbelievable tired. The symptoms are discouraging as they say they are signs of life coming to its end!……. and I quote from the Cancer Journals. I have certainly not had this degree of tiredness in my lifetime or lack of energy. Perhaps my planned rest day is a good thing and just maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to banging in some more miles.

Can’t quit yet

Sudden change in the weather for this week, much cooler and showers and thunderstorms ….. so could end up as a REST WEEK! and of course the tooth still hangs on which is becoming a real nuisance and I would like to eat something other than baby food !

Labor Day gone, tooth still there working like a “cat flap”, can’t take any more of this so go find a dentist. He takes x-rays, yes it has cracked all the way through and the gum is all that’s holding it in. Several injections and the broken section is popped free ….. still numb, we will see what works later. Now cold! down from the 90’s into the low 50’s and a winter storm warning! Unreal!!! Even SNOW in the forecast!!! So this day 3 of the REST cycle and subject to weather, might be back to thermals, maybe I can start again. Still waiting for the numbness to wear off and have a coffee without dribbling it all over what’s left of me.

A bit better on the mouth front, looks awful, don’t smile, but at least I managed some solid food. Miserable day NO riding!

Wednesday, very, very, cold! Only 37F when I got up and now my personal world has gone “Mercury retrograde” …. computer won’t start after an update and the Tour de France decided not to record the 0500 first showing but is set to record the 1300 re-run! Well its a flat stage so watch it live as the computer won’t start!

Into town to the computer rescue …… 2 week backlog!! No choice so home we go with temps just cresting 44F …. it was 90F last week!!!! …… so yet another rest day as its raining and bloody cold.

Brenda drags out her old computer and at least I have something to play with and look at while the rain keeps coming down and the temps are frigid.

Thursday, computer good, TV not so much. Back in there and change all the recording options. Weather still very cold, 40F and raining with more to come and thunderstorms this afternoon.

Another rest day! but today, Friday 9/11, and a bit warmer, thermals not required, a bit of sunshine, no excuses and winds currently within my limits. TV recorded Tour de France for an epic stage.

No thermals but I needed a jacket

After 5 days off a much more determined effort and another 58 miles joins the total and, finally I’m through the 3400 barrier and can now set about the next target of 3602.09 which was the 2017 total.

Sunday 9/13 and those pedal crank round again and by Wednesday 9/16 I’ve forced the numbers up another good chunk and I’m through 3500 and then on Thu/Fri I really give it the hammer with  another 85.10 in two days  ….. I think a personal record here!

Saturday 9/19 and my daughter Sally’s birthday, so although wild and windy the first morning ride nets 13.55 which surpasses the 2017 total of 3602.09 with an easy 3605.95 and still an afternoon ride if the wind abates.

OK, through the 3602.09 (2017 Total) Is the 2018 total going to be beaten ? …….. 4644.30 I think I can!





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