The route to the shop

For the first time since Thanksgiving last year the temperatures crested the 50F mark yesterday and
that white stuff seems to be in retreat! Some grass has come into view and during the course of the
day I believe it actually started to change color back to green. The path that I must have dug out 4 times
to the workshop shows signs that it might melt and I just might be able to unload the trailer which has
sat for over a month.

Assuming it continues then the Cub and Enfield can be wheeled in and start their long awaited service
schedule. Oil changes all round please, but of course the Enfield will have already started hers!
Straight 50 for her, and something lighter for the Cub. Carbs off, standard cleaning and blow through
and maybe come down on the Enfield main jet one more. A little refreshment for the clutches with a
light apperative and change the up down juice in the forks……. and then out with the Autosol for some
pre main season polish.

With the Premier bikes done it will be time to set about Richard’s Elefants of the Ducati kind and get
their batteries charged and rip out all the old wiring harnesses. Another interesting project for warmer
days and hopefully not that tricky to rectify. Then if more spare time comes in the window the last few
touches to that Jumbo of his with some new fork boots, a decompressor, a new kickstart spring and
shaft seals and then the long awaited test ride for real. Maybe if its any good I can persuade him to let
me use it for the Ute Cup or even the Rothman’s Honda RTL which must be the prettiest bike ever and
one that I never got to ride in an event after rebuild.

It’s warmer today, the snow line is retreating and I can see the workshop! A quick poop scoop first all
round the park and then the unloading will begin and the happy smile may well return. Quite amazing
how “spanner withdrawal” can cause all these feelings of non well being and the thirst to just tinker
with something whether it needs it or not. However there is a time frame as the next event I would like
to ride is only 3 weeks away and after Buckeye I will need my “A” game to crush Eugene’s confidence
after his superb riding at the opening event. Of course I will probably take the Enfield as well as I’m
keen to let her rip amongst the opposition and settle a few scores.

All goes well, the park gets depooped and the workshop door is opened for the first time since 8 Feb.
The trailer is just about ice and snow free and the locks undo to reveal none of my loading plans went
wrong. Always an unknown on the very bumpy drive out of the Indian Reservation. One day they will do
something with that road!!! All the tools are humped back to the workshop and the Cub follows over the
very wet and soft ground.

A little light cleaning to remove the AZ dust and a few spots of mud on the swinging arm and then off
with the SM bashplate. No surprise then to see a small hole in it where the rock that stopped me dead
in my tracks on Day 1 had impacted. It had roughed up the hard plastic and plowed the stuff back
before going through.

Something went through here and stopped me Dead!

Some filing and cutting here and sanding back to a smooth finish. The clutch gets topped off and the
gearbox is left to drain. Looks like the engine wanted to leave the frame as the upper rear bolt that had
stripped and come loose during the event had then passed a message on to his buddies. I had
replaced the the loose one in Buckeye but now I see the underside bolt is also loose.

All the engine bolts were loose ?

One day I will cut out this lower tube and put in a solid alloy bashplate as the SM one is such a
strange shape the bike won’t stay on a workshop stand and just wobbles about.

More pushing and the Oilfield is back in her berth and ready for a go through this week. I noticed the
pilot is blocked but she started Ok so time to get the carb off, blow it all through and come down on
the main jet for this season. One day I’ll try and cure all the leaks and then have the only oil tight
Enfield out there! Very much a case of wishful thinking but a mans got to try.

This morning, April First, awake to yet another blizzard! No its not April Fools but I was looking forward
to working on the bikes today as there is a minor lull in the census. Well I suppose I can still get out
there as the thaw had allowed access and the bikes are in there and all tucked up safe and warm.

When will it end ?

Well it snowed on and off all day so nothing was done as its cold, wet and miserable. Regrettably the
decision has just been made and we will not be going to Ok for the new venue at Terlton as I can
neither afford it, Brenda is not too keen and it will clash with some Census commitments so I guess
I’ll try and find my 7 rounds elsewhere. I do still have 8 planned and perhaps 2 more if we can get to
Donner in July. A small year, but what can you do ? So Cotopaxi at the end of May will be my next


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