From about mid October when the reverse snowbirds have migrated for their southern climes the
Hollywood Pool competition begins. $6.00 secures your entry for this double elimination contest and
should you be lucky enough to finish in the top 3 at any of these Saturday competitions you are
automatically entered in the Final which takes place this Saturday, 16 Jan.

Last year I made it to the final but the date clashed with the Buckeye 2 Day so I didn’t get to play. This
year despite the acquisition of our own table the best I could do was a series of 4th places. My
learned colleague has come on in leaps and bounds and shot into the final so I’m left in the wings as
head coach. She is on a strict training regime of TEN frames a day minimum and will be trying hard
for the coveted prize.

Brenda swims alone in the Sea of Pool Sharks

For those not aware of the dedication to this fiercely contested affair it is quite amazing at the quality,
skills and number of talented players who compete. This is not a pushover event!  From a personal
experience it is not necessarily the “winning” but more a case of not losing!  What I mean here is if you
are 5 balls up and on the black DO NOT play any risky shot that you might scratch off as that bloody
white ball has a mind of it’s own and will sniff a pocket somewhere and pick up speed to get there!!

So double elimination means you get a “freebie” if you are really that good, and can come through on
the losers side of the comp but if you meet someone who hasn’t lost in the final then you must win twice
in order to get the victory. Should you be the first OUT with two straight losses then you get the rewarding
prize of a free drink. We have both had a couple of those!! The secret is to win the first 3 frames and
then you get a rest while the others fight their way through the eliminations, this of course can be
counter productive as you are in a bar and if you are not playing…… well then you tend to have another

This weekend the cash prizes are quite substantial with first place taking home $100, Second a
crisp $50 note and third place collecting the leftovers of about $25 and perhaps a few quarters that
didn’t get used on the tables.

20 more frames to play before we get her ready for the comp. The day will start with some light
skipping, black coffee, a couple of glasses of water and then poached eggs with lightly buttered toast.
The final 10 frames, then into makeup and wardrobe before leaving the house with all her cues and
equipment. A couple of settling Vodka Cranberry cocktails prior to the drawing of numbers then battle
should commence at 1400. The “Token” female is no more, she will have a few tins of arse whoop
with her so we are all wishing her well.

Full report with frame by frame commentary from our man on the spot Tony Down.

The Sharks begin to gather at the Hollywood

The day of the contest dawns, the duty 10 frames are played and we leave for the Hollywood at 1300
where the Sharks are already gathering for the feast to come. As a spectator I should enjoy this and
be able to enjoy a fair quantity of liquid refreshment along the way.

The crowd gathers

Team Mancos, Captain Mike left early after potting the 8 ahead of time

1400 and the tables are brushed down, the pink numbers are thrown like “chum” to the circulating
hoard and soon the order of play is announced. Brenda draws Lloyd in her first go while established
pros Joe and Jeb sail through their first rounds. Team Mancos from the Columbine has four finalists
but two of the team lose their opening encounters.

The “Chum” is thrown on the table

Brenda breaks but having got one off the break finds herself in a hopeless position and has to take
a safety. Now you never know with Lloyd as some days he can be on it and others as we saw with
the snow plow he can have a real off day !  Regrettably today he seems to be on and slowly bites off
balls as he  moves round the table. Towards the end Brenda had a slim chance but a pocket
wobbler returned the play to Lloyd who gobbled up the last balls and sealed her fate.

Brenda breaks against Lloyd

Winner Lloyd does his “Jaws” impression

Game two was against Donny from Mancos, and after a good run Brenda was left playing catch up
but never quite got back on level terms before the black was put to bed. Well never mind, a good
effort and now she can attend to some serious drinking.

If only it had gone in…………….

Sadly Brenda gets gobbled up in frame 2

In other games the favorites sailed through with a small upset for Joe losing to Tracy after an
unbelievable shot on the last stripe ball and a perfect set up on the 8. The final saw the
undefeated Jeb up against Joe with Jeb taking it with a great run. Well thats it for another year and
maybe I shall qualify next time.


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