With Superglitz reborn like Phoenix from the ashes I seem to be in a “gestation” period while things
get shipped. No problem but I’m getting a little impatient to get it all back together and get some light
testing done.

When the barrel and head get back its not a slam dunk back on 5 minutes as both will be repainted in
the new livery, then fins edge cut and polished…… not going to all this expense and rushing the last
crucial stages. However in the interim I should have everything else done … YIPEEE !!

Just had a quick look at the back wheel, a bit of tire creep, you really can’t trust that Andrews man, and
it needs turning as the leading edges are begining to round off. Sprocket could be Ok but looks like its
just starting to hook. I believe (now I’ve been through the boxes) I have a new chain and a new 12T
front cog so I’m thinking with all this expense may as well change it all for the new season………. and
a new tensioner block to finish the job off.

The valve shows the “creep” which is why we take those nuts off and
throw them in the bin !

Leading edges just rounding off so time to turn the tire, worth quite a few
points in mud, tree roots, and wet rocks

You may remember I’d started work on the rear brake and as always take the whole thing apart, give
it a thorough cleaning, clean up the pivot arm and regrease, clean the faces of the shoes where they
touch the cam and lightly grease as well. None of this has been looked at in nearly 4 years!


The magnesium has gone off in 4 years

Inside all clean and lightly greased

Back to its former glory

A morning of wheel cleaning, tire turning and getting it back to spec before the other parts arrive and
the Sawing the lady in two routine ! I clearly selected a very good looking wheel when I built this baby,
rim, spokes, hub, all in excellent condition, so tire off, clean the rim and remove those ugly sprocket
tab washers…… we will run without this time with some stainless allens. Through the dead petrol
wash and then a soap and hot water follow up.

These tab washers are forever collecting mud and grass

Good looking wheel

With a new rim tape stuck in place and suitable holes cut its time to refit the tire the other way round
and the Michelin behaves nicely as always. Cleaned sprocket refitted with allens and already to climb
aboard SG when the shocks arrive.

V Nice !

Anytime you have the bike in pieces always worthwhile cleaning the axle to remove all the hardened
grease which if not removed will sooner or later stick like glue in the hub and you will end up using
drifts and other tools to get that spindle out of the hub or the spacer. When I refit, I lightly smear the
shaft with a little grease and this makes life so much easier the next time it comes out.

All spruced up and raring to go

…….. and then a FED-EX truck pulled up outside with my new Magical shocks……… the build continues



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  • 3/15/2012 3:25 AM Bill wrote:
    Tony,I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for for your efforts. I bought a tube of Autosolve,How do you apply it? I am working on my rear hub also,but can’t get it to shine like yours does. How do you do???? Thanks, Bill
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    1. 3/16/2012 4:48 AM Tony wrote:
      I trust you have removed Mister Yamahas paint ? Once you exxpose the bare magnesium you can fine sand then apply a fingertips worth of Autosol and generous lumps of elbow grease and as my drill Sgt said “It will shine !”
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