“I wanna ride”

Temperatures on the rise and the white stuff slowly melting. Still a soggy mess everywhere but some
progress as we think spring! Must confess I’m itching to get the bike out for a trundle round the garden
and get the feel of it again. Last ride on a trials bike was Casper and that was exactly 6 months ago
today. All those thoughts of being ready for the season never ever seem to come to fruition and of
course having had snow on the ground continuously since before Christmas it is always unrealistic
for us Mountain dwellers!

Finally spoke to Ray in California yesterday and he is having a pretty rough time of it with his illness.
He has been out of commision for nearly a month now and sounds as bad as ever with his flu bug.
I wish him a speedy recovery and I can feel for him as January for me was very similar having no get
up and go, constant coughing and a hard time breathing. If I had been a bike I would have been given
a rebore, new set of rings, plug, air filter and been fitted with a new exhaust system !

Overall I’m pretty excited about the upcoming season, a lot of events, several new venues, potentially
a lot more riders with our 2012 exposure and the new vintage Mono Class. The new website is up
and running at  and has all the info on events, rules, fees etc…… and we
are STILL working on that June event so have faith!!   UPDATE….. just heard this event is now on 22/23
Jun at Corral Bluffs CO, in the Colorado Springs area.

I still need to sell Brenda’s TY125 and my own Ex Don Morley RE works 350 Bullet. The actual bike
is worth about $10,000 but as I’m keen to sell I will entertain offers starting around $5000 as a silent
auction with a winner announced prior to our first event. Phone me on  970 882 2483 with a sensible
offer, and it just might be your lucky day.

“I need a new home”

Back to Superglitz testing I’d better clean the new OKO and make up some more fuel as the last
batch was made last May !!! So with another day off I can press the “keeness button” and hope I fire
up and get something done…… GO AWAY SNOW !!

Yesterday I thought I would fit the spark arrestor (many of our venues require them) but no luck with
the metal sleeve!!!! Try as I might I couldn’t get even the finest drill bit to scratch the surface…… no
idea what the material is so rather than be totally frustrated I’ll be on my way to the hardware store in
search of a bit of copper.

While I’m out this morning I’ll give Casey’s land a “pre-look” and see if the sunny side cliffs are free
of snow. Can’t wait to get on the land and sort some of the 24 required sections for the Dolores event,
tons of potential even up to World and National level, let alone ITSA stuff for us mere mortals.

First mission good and complete with a bit of copper for a princely $1.63, refuelling car and an extra
premium gallon for a mix to Superglitz liking. Coffee time and then drilling and fitting that arrestor to
USFS standards.

ITSA complete !

Bit of work to get my plumbers copper fitting over the end of the WES pipe so some fine tuning with
sanding wheels and other power sanders and eventually it slides into place and can be drilled and
secured…… I suppose I could shorten it a bit  ?  That “R” smelling 2 stroke is mixed, and shaken not

That  lovely smell of “R”

OKO time next so off with the carb, blow through everywhere and refit. Quick check on the gas tap
and it works in all modes so final buttoning up and let Glitzie baby see the light of day.

Cleaned and blown through

All buttoned up

Superglitz nervously comes out of hibernation. Fires up on the required third kick and is silky smooth.
Oodles of clean instant power and seems to handle well considering my lack of saddle time. The new
grips feel really nice and I’m really looking forward to some serious competition as the last time I was
after a Championship with SG was back in 2006.

March 2nd 2013 Superglitz comes out of hibernation

  Monday morning again and its snowing hard despite the temp being 44F. Changed over to rain now
which should help with the thaw. Need to get out to my personal “great lakes” and release the built up
ponds that are trapped around RV sites where the snow plow closed them off.

The clock is clicking towards Round 1, lets hope we get the season off to a great start with a really
good turnout.



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