When will I sleep ?

Vuelta done, Tour of Britain begins but I don’t think its on TV in the states so its back to the Center Bed for some full on garden work starting with a few days weeding.

The weekly plan will be a mix of weeding, planting, collecting firewood and some light cycling. Quality of life my arse! Get to see my Chaplain tomorrow, hoping for some enlightenment in this mystery, still don’t know the questions to ask.

Cool overnight with temps down to 45F but now on the rise cresting the 70F mark at 0900. A bit of weeding then breakfast to start the day. Edward seems to have gotten over his little bout of Covid and can now be released to the wild.

Work continues on the center bed on an off all day. My rear end is very painful, can’t sit on anything as it feels unpleasant. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end? The ground is bullet hard and difficult to weed so I transplant some of the annuals and put the sprinkler on for the rest of the day.

Another poor night with about 5 hours sleep. Weed the driveway while I’m waiting for the Chaplain. He fails to show up but his wife is expecting a baby anytime soon! Back to weeding and planting. But before that, load 3 from the woodyard and its all gorgeous dry fir, my favorite.

Not much humping going on here apart from wood!

Wednesday once more, still in a lot of pain, let’s see if the medical fraternity can do anything to help and who knows maybe, I’ll get a decent night’s sleep. Worthless sleep pills, or is it a placebo? Perhaps they are worried I’ll take the entire bottle but I’ll guarantee that wouldn’t work as they are so useless!

Meanwhile, another day of the same, weeding, logging, and perhaps some planting today. Went out early, bit chilly, but topped off the pool and some watering completed. Temp coming up, maybe a little more weeding before the lumber run.

Load no 4 ready to unload
Building the “Great Wall”

Another load of good dry fir, that makes 4 loads so far and looking for 3 more to complete the Great Wall of Dolores and then moving over to the front of house for maybe 5 more.

Ready for those mums

Another area of the Center Bed clear of weeds and with any luck I might get to plant the “mums” either late this afternoon or tomorrow .

SRAM 1070 Cluster 11 x28

My cluster of gears for the Roubaix arrived so off to see Scott and get that done tomorrow afternoon, then back for a rescheduled Chaplain visit at 1600 tomorrow. Into town for the pain pills and some conflict on how to take them. One at night but then I can take another if I wake up. IF ????

A little humor to finish the day concerning Douglas Bader the WWII fighter pilot who lost his legs but carried on flying.

It still makes me chuckle

Awful night! 2 hours tops, but no pain, scared and getting to be frightened of the dark? What the hell is happening?? Ordered some more books on Heaven in the hope I might get some peace. A visit to see Edward one last time would appear to be on hold due to Covid, but it was a lovely thought.

Should finish up the weeding this morning and hopefully get those mums in the ground. Think I’m too tired for any logging activities this morning. Full afternoon with Roubaix new parts and then meeting Chaplain Ian.

Day actually goes to plan with the weeding completed and all nine mums planted. Pictures tomorrow. Pretty hot out there! Short ride to the bike shop to have the cluster cassette fitted and home again in time to meet up with Chaplain Ian and get some more answers to questions of the day.

New rear cassette and chain

Some sleep tonight but, its 0400 and I’m up again typing this and after a warming coffee try for another couple of hours.

Waterfall bed looking good with another flush of lillies and now asters
First time for these huge mums in the center bed
I like them!

Not sure about these pain pills! pharmacist did say it would affect my breathing, and that is noticeable and not good, so I’m not too keen on taking any more of those. Also has a side effect of making me frightened of the dark.


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