Snowing for the last 2,nights, children singing carols on the bus, and the last day’s driving before Thanksgiving and then we are into December all that brings.

Thanksgiving  with all the trimmings 

Decoration wise not quite so ambitious this year and just the outside of the house will be my limits. Still 2 sessions of chemo to go and then try and recover from all the shitty side effects.

Long phone call with Edward this morning and chatting over many subjects including cars and family. Edward has had a few Jags in his lifetime, whereas I’ve had zero!

Pleased to see my top 3 choices are still all there and of course there are a couple of others that would fit the bill quite nicely if things don’t go as planned.

Choices 4 and 5 are both Jags and the No 4 has this new detailing polish which is exceptional in terms of shine.

Beautiful shine on a $5500 car?  seems this might be a scam?

Seems too good to be true?????

My No 5 which I thought was a soft top or convertible until I saw the moon roof and its panel. The Blue roof style was fairly popular at the turn of the century…… its the S Type with 49000 miles and a private sale for $6800 ……. not bad!

Not a soft top then !

Nice wood

Needs that super shine

Good looking wheels

Needs a few more “logos”

Thanksgiving week begins, cold and damp with snow and more storms for the full week. A Chemo session to get through and see if my appetite comes back with the smell of roasting turkey.

Piles of wood split yesterday ready for the incoming snowstorm and when the french window is painted then decorations can come down from the loft.

Need to repaint my Barham car badge in anticipation so a visit to Cortez required for a couple of tins of red and orange “Humbrol Enamel”.

No paints available in Cortez but got an idea of pricing should I sell the Giant MTB ….. better check with e-bay for anything up there. Another load of wood chopped and brought in to ensure plenty for the week …….. and then true to the forecast first dump of 4″ o’night with the next storm aiming to hit on Thanksgiving.

Chemo 11 completed, roads clear both ways, and feeling quite good this morning while we await the BIG STORM rolling in with a predicted 2-4 FEET of snow.





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