Here we go

A little progress despite the dizziness, always wondered why the nurse who does the “vitals” asks ” Had any falls recently?” well now we know as its all part of the fun of chemo!

Snoopy is on the balcony in the center spot

Actually managed to put up 5 large decs on the balcony rail and maybe I’ll wire them in tomorrow if I’m feeling a bit more stable.

The wiring goes well, or well enough as of course I checked them all as we do every year like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation and then only some of the bloody ice lights come on, usually its just a bulb fallen out and another usually fixes the problem. At other times it’s age and to avoid the frustration get a new set! Another check over reveals nothing so I’ll be cutting out some sections and joining in some bits from previous years failed lines!

Not Again!     better get Russ to check them

” Won’t take you long”

Needless to say due to the pandemic there are NO Christmas lights left in the store! Can’t imagine how this has become the season “toilet paper” and people are stocking up?

Good news another couple of items sold on the Bay and I had a positive enquiry of the TY125 which I am now currently working on. It seems the buyer is an ex Brit who was in the Army and rode at several of the venues that I did. Spoke to him on the phone and it seems he is also interested in NO Excuses Cub which would be wonderful!

TY125 all back together and cleaned, looks good just need to kick it over and get her running. Can’t find my Solvol Autosol for the final polishing which is a must for any serious trials rider. Better start on the Cub as this guy is interested in both.

My MAN rang to say he wants BOTH!!!!!! doesn’t need them until the AHRMA event up at Steamboat, but will send the checks anyway, I can hardly not deliver them to Steamboat and might just ride Superglitz round for a complete day.

Getting decidedly unpleasant

The forecast storm arrives as the previous 1-2″ was just starting to melt and now we have had an all day snowfall which has dumped about 6-8″ but now it has stopped.

Coming to an end

Three sets of ice lights repaired and now hopefully fully functional. Will fit them as soon as I can when the temp starts moving up the ladder, long way to go as it was starting at 5F which by any standard is bloody cold!

Repairs done, time to change them out

In the meantime I have another batch of goodies to put on the Bay and see if I can get the sales numbers up where I want them. Plowed out and temps eventually make 34F and I get ALL the outside lights repaired and everything looks good with no missing sectors.

Inside we are done and boxes back in the loft, lets see how it looks

The tree in all its beauty

Baubles, bangles ………..  ……….. 

bright shiny beads 

“Eddie, we have a DUMP station, if your shitter’s full”

Last bit to do outside for this miserable Covid 19 year are two more shooting stars and a small streamer of lights on both sides of the house and then the duty pic. Too cold for more work so onto the pics with no gaps or holes in the lighting

Enough for today










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