The TY Mono fork spacers were sourced from Speed & Sport in PA (the last two) and duly arrived.
Meanwhile I had dismantled the Monos to see how the spacers would be if fitted in the Marzocchis.
Well of course despite the Magical springs being the same for both sets of legs the 36mm Yam
spacers slide straight over the 35mm Fantics…… great!!

The new Magicals are about 2″ shorter than the original Marzocchi springs so I now have a problem
on my hands. Amid Sunday’s snow more playtime in the workshop and another, hitherto unoponed
box, produced another TY spacer and some others from forks unknown ? The whole collection is
gathered on the work bench and various combos tried. The two new mono spacers are about 1.5″
shorter than the ones in the forks so I really have no idea which set is correct for that model either?

TY Monos that came out the forks, new ones on the right ?

2 x TY Spacers with grooves, the Marzocchi, 2 x unknown

Plenty of options

Finally opted for the shorter spacers in the Mono forks and then TY washers, Maz spacers, and others
from forks unknown in the Fantics. No way to decide whats best without some saddle time. Meanwhile upstairs the Ahrma logo is REMOVED from the Enfield number board and scrapped ! The alloy is
Solvoled and a new “2”  takes center stage.

Yes, time for the Ahrma logo to go, the end of an era

The “new” look for 2012

Reason for this operation is to route the new brake cable so back to the workshop and attach to the
forks……. looking good, now fit the wheel……….”What the $%^& #$%^ !!” the bloody tire/tyre is flat again
after sitting there for two weeks holding 20lbs……. this one is really beyond me. Once again change
the valve core and pump it up again……….. and hope !

Stumped by a valve core !!

After another deluge of snow, ebaying selling and shipping, time to get back out there and see if that
tire stayed up ? Assuming it did, then wheel in, cable to fit and then drill the mudguard to fit the Fantic

Good news it stayed up, but there again it did last time too! No matter, in she goes, cable on after
some fine tuning on the Magura and then change the Fantic steel anchor arm for a polished Yam
one which needs a little modification via hacksaw and file.

Just a little too long, trimming required…… and must have saved 5 grams

Now time for the brace and mudguard, clearly a smidge different in terms of radius from the Fantic
guard but brute force and ignorance prevail and its fitted.

On she goes with all those “new” bolts

Spacers for the wheel, spacers for the forks………

A modified TY brake anchor arm 

Plenty of space and spacers…… do they go up and down ?

That wraps up the front end conversion so now off with the carb and go through the standard
pre-season ritual with the airline. Dump last year’s fuel, a final polishing all round and the first of 4
bikes wil be ready for 2012. Overall a pleasing result (subject to testing) when I consider all the mini
problems and how they were overcome…….. and what else would I be doing on a cold and snowy day
in deepest Dolores ?   So from this lot that arrived just before Christmas, parts, pieces, knowledge
and frustrations have all been acquired to make this…….

In the beginning……..

All done but now the acid test…. will it work ?

Flush with success I’m ready to start work on the Yamaha……..

Time to Rocket off and collect Superglitz


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