Wednesday marks the 1/2 way point of this year’s Spring Break. Up until today the weather, apart from some wind, has been very nice,  warm and sunny, but tonight its all set to change.

Well surprise, this morning and so far the predicted doom and gloom has yet to arrive. Still dry, overcast, and precious little wind. Some breaks in the cloud, very much a wait and see day.

Colder for sure, chilly wind and then a couple of snow showers around 1100 but now dry again but pretty miserable. Mid afternoon and now its colder with sleet and drizzle so No ride today and a rest day was probably no bad thing.

At the start of Spring Break there was 374.69 on the odometer and now prior to the enforced rest day I’m at 470.59 . Still hoping to hit my target, and more, by 3/28/17.

Still a few things I need advice about (becoming a bike shop pest) I need to know if my riding position is correct? Is my reach correct? Do I need the bars higher? Time to consult an expert before I do anything. Having read all the articles and seen some of the videos it seems there is quite a lot to this fitting game. A high percentage of it is common sense but you DO need someone to check the angles and measurements. The acid test is how does it feel?


So the fitting is comfortably connecting  5 of my moving parts to the Roubaix.  The correct length of seat post height is the most critical, which then gives the right power at the pedal.


Think I got this one correct as I used the same length that I have on the Giant MTB


Then using ME as the “bendy toy” see if  “my angles” match up with the data sheet and start thinking about how to correct what ever the problems might be.


……… and if it can’t be fixed, either sell the bike, or go in for some serious surgery!

Of course it maybe the change from MTB and Trials could be part of the issue, a bit like changing from a Trials bike to a Crotch Rocket!

The most comfortable cycling position is with the hands on the cross section of the bars.


This seems to be about my perfect reach but is not really the brightest position as your hands and fingers are not near the brakes or shifters! About as stupid as  “Highway Pegs” on a “Hardly Albeson” ……. but don’t get me started on that one!!!


Current set up on the Roubaix

Stem and “angle of dangle” seems to be where I’m looking next. Currently I’m using 100mm/7 degree rise and I think I need to be shorter in length and higher in angles, although of course any rise in angles will bring the bars back closer to me


Ugly but you get the idea


Then there are the bars themselves which can be rotated, but the levers and shifters must be in a sensible position.

Having searched the local area my local shop is both the most convenient and cheapest so I’ll be in there next Saturday to see what can be done.



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  1. Hey Tony,
    Mark here from Perth Australia, ex UK, East Kent…Love the blog but no longer able to view any pics prior to July 2014. These have been really useful for my TY rebuilds and I miss them!!!


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