Never had one of these before so I guess I’ll make the most of it . A full week off for all the schools so
a chance to catch up on some badly needed sleep. Getting up at 0400 on a winter’s morning
eventually catches up with you and as I’ve had the most god awful cough for most of 2011 I’m looking
to really get back to 100%.

Brenda has a whole load of spring plans for this week but there is a nasty cold wind which I don’t
much care for so I’m not sure how much will get done. Seems to me we are a month early! However,
some clean up will gird the loins and perhaps persuade me to get a bike out and start thinking trials
again even if this year doesn’t look like many events will be ridden.

Ready and STILL waiting !

Just a delight to ride

They tell me we are now coming into the “busy season” for school bus driving with a lot of activity runs
and away days but in the meantime I’ll just keep working my way through the 27 different routes that I
need to learn to go with the Mancos four that I’m already familiar with. I still have 6 full runs to complete
and a further 5 afternoon runs as having taken notes on the morning run I’m often dragged away to
drive an afternoon run for someone else while they are off on the activity drive.

A few minor tasks completed and last year’s new bed given it’s once over. That now means the others
out front need to be done along with the shade garden which is a mass of leaves and broken
branches from the self pruning trees. The branches will be broken up and saved for the many evening
fires to come and I envisage about a 20 bagger load of leaves to clear the aea.

What a mess

Serious clean-up required

With a pleasant day forecast another bed was attacked and cleared including all the nasty cooch
grass that was throttling the new tulips and daffs that are all coming through. Thereafter I nodded off
in the sunshine so precious little else got done other than to write a couple of April fool’s stories.

Saturday once more and a forecast of temps cresting the 70 mark before another strange storm
blows through Sunday/Monday. Don’t see too many leaves getting bagged up with 30mph winds
howling but I’ll have to make the effort as I’ve started on that Shade garden. Today’s main project is
to qualify for the Dolores Pool Championship which this year I’ve been in the doldrums for as Brenda normally works Saturdays.  Strangely SHE qualified while I was driving a bus on the Saturday she did
get off !!

Brenda qualifies at the Hollywood

Over at the other local town of Mancos it has been a very different story where they play on a Sunday afternoon. As its her day off I become the designated driver and she gets to play and drink.  So far I
opened up the season with a 3rd and then we had a good family afternoon with her taking 3rd and
me finishing 2nd. Another 2nd a couple of weeks later for me and on our last 2 visits I’ve been in the
winner’s circle with 2 first places. Not so at Dolores where 2 weeks ago when we were both off I lost
both my first two games to get the booby prize (first out) against two less than talented players…..
oh well, thats pool!

Pool is getting to be a bit like trials, you need a lot of practice, you need to think, cue ball control is like
throttle control on a trials bike and then there are some of those risky shots……. do I risk the “scratch”
or take a safety a bit like a planned dab. Today I’ll try the thinking man’s approach.

Time for some “Trials” pool

Tonight a local party with some Brits, and then tomorrow its the Slope Closing up at Telluride and
this year we haven’t even stepped on the slopes either for financial reasons or the fact that the
weather has not played ball when we did fancy going. Last year was fun with all the fancy dress but
this year it seems Security has decided to put a wet blanket on everything… the mind boggles…… not
sure I could deal with overweight heavily armed kill joys on a ski slope……. and for what???……. well
maybe the forecast storm will ruin it anyway.

Not this year!

Back to driving on Monday and my Training Officer, Lena, wants the day off so I’m on the D11 run
again with the old faithful spare of the Genesis Turtle. Another 0500 get up but the bus barn is only 2
miles away. Lena’s normal bus has been sick for over 2 months with a computer problem that locks
the transmission (auto) in 3rd gear when it downshifts coming to a stop. Only way  to reset it is by
turning off the ignition and starting up again. It was in the shop for many weeks but its now outside in
the too difficult area. The replacement bus arrived having been round the globe with 280,000 miles
on it, no chains, no retarder, a new engine, but the suspension seems about shot to me despite new shocks. This one lasted about a month and then it started jumping out of 4th and we haven’t seen it
since. So everyone’s favorite the Genesis is out there like the energizer bunny and it just keeps on
keeping on!

The Reserve keeps playing on the main team


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