Spring is definitely here! temps are very warm for the end of March and nature is off again, roses are leafing out, clematis are in full growing mode, the bleeding heart is away and tulips and daffs are up.


It’s Spring

What that means is yours truly is in full clean up mode with a spot of “nesting” beginning last Friday with a trip to Durango for the chance of finding a NEW settee or sofa. We found what we wanted, a little over budget, but never mind its sooo comfortable, and  it was bought after a little sushi lunch.

Saturday was pool day as always but sadly was not my best day on the tables!! Sunday, and attention switches to the shade garden and leaf removal and debris gets sorted. Over hanging branches removed and now time to move the excess wood pile from front of house to the “Great Wall of Dolores” and saw up the oversize lumps I couldn’t resist in the hunting gathering mode last year. A lot of wood to move this year as its been so warm we haven’t had a fire for most of March .


Chain saw gets the once over and with new fuel she bursts into action and rips through the oversize pile in no time.


Chainsaw action

Tuesday and the old couch has found a new home and is away by 1000 and the new one arrives circa 1030 and is in place without  any damage.


Old couch on its way out


….. in with the NEW

The moving wood pile game continues and one side of the frontage is now clear, weeded and  swept. Still a lot of work to do but looking much better and you can see where I’ve been!


Ready for winter 2015/16

Wednesday and time for some “bike research” to address the Cub oil leaks and the 2 BMW faults. Consulting with Cub “Gurus” I’m right in my assumptions that the theoretical copper crush washers on the rocker oil feed don’t!! I knew I wasn’t going completely mad but I needed that little extra bit of reassurance. The old British copper crush washers used to be a bit like the washer on plugs and with not much pressure you could dent them with a finger nail if you had the mind. Seems the current ones, out of China, are bullet hard and have too much nickel in them.

Morning gone, time to finish the wood pile and clean up a very leafy bed. The bed takes a lot longer and now the wind is up and hampering progress but it eventually gets done. Last of the wood moves to the Great Wall and I’m ready for the second round of afternoon beers.


Despite the “gale” the bed gets finished ….. now for a beer!

Thinks bubble, 1 hour work time left, what shall I do ? Time to replace the front tire and tube on the bicycle which went pop over the winter as the rear one did when we went to Napa last year. I’d bought the new ones a few weeks back so this should be easy and wrap up the day. Off with the old and on with the new. Tire on, tube out of its box, valve in, couple of pumps ???? ……. this looks a little small……. “what the FFFF ????” its a bloody 20″ tube in a sealed box marked 26″ !!!!





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