Always liked daffs

How VERY true!

Can’t Wait

My Spring Break is of a different kind as I’m off the Chemo for a Whole Month! Might even think about that bicycle that’s been inside since November, but I did crack 5000.17 last year. That pushed the big total up to 16,391.10 on the Equator ride so maybe get up there over 20,000 this year?

Starting soon

Managed to sift through a load more parts finding some extra bits and also an enquiry on the bike rack I relisted yesterday. Today finish off the swinging arm components and get them listed along with some brake plates and anything else I haven’t yet uncovered up in the loft.

Time to get rid of the infernal bag and pump after 24 sessions of chemo and now into a month long break and perhaps see some of these side effects diminish as they are driving me nuts big time!

My ambitious plans don’t seem to be getting anywhere as my hands are too sore to use and I don’t have the will power to force myself to start sanding brake plates until I feel a bit more with it. Yes, there is plenty to do but it isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.

Might just get to layout some of the badges for best design and best groupings and while on the subject may just consider changing the front grille as the Jaguar “growler emblem” can cost over $100 and you can get top and botton grille at $325 delivered, with emblem already mounted.

Here’s what I have

Maybe ?

Another day of lack of energy, but my appetite is coming back but of course my mouth is still very, very sore and its difficult to eat so I’ll soon be back on Gerber baby foods! Creaming of hands and heels continues along with vitamin B. Please, oh please, give me a break from these bloody side effects!!

Monday, maybe some improvement, difficult to tell. A couple of sales overnight so I’m encouraged to get going on those other items. But the non stop weeping eyes make everything I want to do unpleasant or downright impossible.

Tried the eye cream one more time, and yes it was a major improvement, also stumbling around on the internet I had a sad moment of two when I discovered my old club, whose badge will soon be up on the grille, Barham & District Motor Cycle & LCC,

All repainted and ready

Sadly my Uncle Tom who was Chairman, President, and all things motorcycling passed away 15 years ago

Uncle Tom, footing coat, and trilby, on one of his AJ’s

Reading on through club notes I sadly read that my cousin Tom who rode with me as a youth had sadly passed last summer and as Uncle Tom sold Greeves we ended up with “the boy’s bikes” on a hand me down chain.

Tom on the Square Barrel 24 TES which would be my next bike

Me on the Scottish 9E and those flat handlebars!

There she is the 24TES, 928 VKE, while Tom is on the TFS and we are both now Centre Experts ! Tom is 18 and I’m 17 and the year is 1963. Way back then you had to have a MC licence to compete as the course was 15-30 miles on the public highway stopping off at “groups” of sections along the way.

Just while I’m reliving a lot of memories the next storm arrives with a fresh 3″ on the rail lest we forget its still only March. Must get listing some more parts, shouldn’t be too bad and I think a few will sell pretty quickly. Looks like its too cold again for me in the workshop but we will see. Too Cold! Another 6″ expected from this storm before it clears off on Friday. I have all those parts in my mind’s eye but I’m afraid I can’t work in the cold any more. Positive effort tomorrow as I haven’t heard from the car repairers who were waiting on a part.

Clearly a family thing!












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