So now it starts, …….. repairs and clean up. Where to begin? well the house is having all the trim repainted, but my jobs include fences and “the sign” which  all have a nasty lean. I was hoping that the high winds would have blown the sign over but we are now left with the “Leaning Sign of Dolores” and need to wait for the next bout of high winds to finish the task.


In order to get the “trim”  painted I need to move all the firewood and restack it while straightening up the shade garden fence. Either the weight of the existing firewood has caused a lean or a post is on the way out?


The drunken fence!


Ready to push upright


Its got the leans

First though, all the leaves and fallen branches must be picked up and bagged then work on the fence can begin after removing the current log pile.


Clean up begins

Day 1 went well so today I need to move the firewood and restack on the inside of the fence. Problems look like being the forecast 70% chance of rain or snow but I’ll persist until I’m forced into the wet weather program which will be workshop clean up. The weather was so cold and bloody miserable that nothing got done on the outside as it just snowed all day with a good crisp wind!

Well, with nothing happening outside time to look at the “free 30 day trial” of Adobe 14 Photoshop which I’m reliably told will fix all my diddy pics that I did find on the internet but will not expand back to web site size without losing focus. Again, I’m told they need to be re-pixolated which Adobe 14 will do ?  Without more ado yours truly sits down to review what Photoshop will do for me……. however within seconds I realize just how little I know about computers and the language of geeks!

With the weather in its current mode until Friday I shall be spending a lot of time on the tutorials (of which there are many) and see if my pea sized nodkin can accept any of this jargon. It could take the full 30 days of the trial before I understand what they are talking about.


Yuk !

Thursday morning, still very cold, and with snow still on the ground but the wind seems to have dropped. Maybe I can start restacking that firewood and might even be able to ride the bicycle if it warms up a bit ? ……… no, the ground is now muddy and its still cold and windy so practice some 9 ball for tonight’s competition. Not too bad today so maybe a bit of luck tonight?

Arrive in good order, get settled in on the GT’s and now ready to play. Still not 100% sure about this game as there is a lot of luck involved and you can end up on both sides of it! Tonight it seems luck is with me.

I’m shooting well, cue ball control is ok, but I’m having a few “jaw rattlers” on some very easy shots! No matter the opposition are screwing up on the last few balls and letting me in for the win.

Brenda is also going well and we both win our first 2 games. My next game is against “club pro” Jerry and although there was a chance for me,  he came back strongly to give me yet another arse whipping! One day, one day!

The games continue and as it comes to a close Brenda and I now meet for 3rd or better ……. and remember Brenda has not qualified yet. I get the 2 ball and have good position for a combo off 3 onto the 9 for the bottom pocket ……. sod’s law it works and SHE is decidedly NOT HAPPY ……. but you have to try ….. don’t you ??

I play Bill for 3rd or better and have a good win so now in the Final against Jerry again. I rack and Jerry fluffs a couple of easy shots by his standards but is back on again for the 6 onwards …… but misses the black …… a CHANCE!!!!  Good shot on 8 but the cue ball comes back further down the table than was ideal. Bank or cut? I elect the cut and make a PERFECT shot for the game and a little “Indian victory dance”   ……. yooooohooooo!

Last game with Jerry breaking and he is going very well until the last 3 balls. I come in and sink the brown followed by a tricky black. Again cue ball position is less than ideal and I’m faced with a potential scratch shot or a long bank. Went for the bank and missed and Jerry then tells me I should have taken option 1 ……. would it, wouldn’t it ?     No matter 2nd will do and its back to 8 ball come Saturday.






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