Ground Zero after all the winter damage

Having missed the 2 Day Ahrma Trial at Terlton, OK it is now time to concentrate on all things spring
like not fitted to a trials iron. The winter carnage is going to take a fair bit of rectification this year as the
snow and ice have caused considerable damage in and around the park.

What a mess!!!

Some 2 hours of digging were done yesterday afternoon to remove huge snow and ice banks close
to the house in a hope that smaller pieces might melt more quickly. The damage already visible is
the weight of snow has buckled the side of the bar-b-q and pulled the potting bench off the wall. Ice
and snow have destroyed flower pots and anything ceramic left outside. Some guttering has been
pulled off outbuildings and the upper frame of the Gazebo looks awful, and all this from snow and
ice just falling off the roof.

Is it worth repairing ?

The power of snow

Over zealous snow plow drivers have destroyed all Brenda’s edge lighting around the lawn and the
raised rose garden at the base of the Cottonwood has moved  due to the plow! Other beds in the
main park are now covered in gravel, once the main stay of the park, ….. a lot of raking and shovelling
here. Branches are down in the Shade garden and there must be another 30 black bags of leaves to
rake up to expose the grass.

Expert snow plowing

Only one leak has been noticed between slots 1 & 2 so the plumber will be here next week to do
some digging and repairs. A lot more shovelling through the immense snow and ice banks and now
the park looks like the artic ocean with ice flows everywhere but at least it IS melting. The love seat
was recovered from its snow grave and what looked like broken legs was in fact just pushed down
6″ into the ground under the weight of all the snow. The Gazebo is not so lucky and will have to be
taken to pieces and straightened rod by rod.

The Dolores Artic with all the icebergs

A severely bent Gazebo

Thinking back to last year we were well ahead and I was busy in the Shade Garden constructing
the raised stockade bed and that was finished before we set off for Scotland and the Pre 65 Silver
Jubilee. The snow melting trick seems to have worked so just one more session this morning and
then further rectification can begin. All the furniture needs to come out of the Shade garden and then
the big rake up and another full Waste Management bin of broken this and that. A daunting task but
the sooner it gets done, on my time scale, the easier life will be !

I might get a start on it today but I have the duty TV to watch for both rounds of World Superbike and
then Moto GP so 3 hours of the working day is already lost. Looks like I might get a window of time
after next week’s 5 days of training when we should have a gap before training the Enumerators
begins and this time can be well spent on gardening and the start of Richard’s Elefants by Ducati.
At least I can now get them in the workshop and now with the temps between 50-60 F I might be able
to weild a spanner or two without freezing!

The last of the snow banks were chucked into the sunshine and the woodman’s axe came into play
to destroy the ice blocks holding all the gardening equipment prisoner. This was all tossed into the
park and has now melted. Brenda did a great job removing leaves and debris from the stockade
bed and getting the Rodin fountain up and working again.

Forrest’s dog Sprocket, tests the rebuilt Rodin Fountain

A full weekend Sunday at the task and now it looks like someone lives here! The top of the Gazebo
was removed, the potting bench refabricated, debris removed and the barbie straightened. By
nightfall we were back on track.

Leaves and branches gone, Brenda declares ” Spring” and the cushions
go on

A bit different !

A lot of clean up but well worth it

The lumber yard in front of the house was cleaned up and put back to its summer location, patios
swept and five “Welcome” mats recovered from the park where RVers had left in a hurry. This phase
is about done and the shade garden is useable once more. A lot of work, and a load more to do out
front and another new bed planned for this season……….. to be continued………


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